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Last updated: July 29, 2019

All of the programs usually utilize the internal sources thoroughly. The sources include finance, material, people, and place. The in-house sources will help to reduce the program cost-effectiveness and they are very advantages in use. The Student Union Programming (SUP) and the Counseling Psychological Service (CAPS) are beneficial in-house sources for the program “Hello, Health Counselor”.

1. Student Union Programming (SUP) Student Union Programming (SUP) announces that “Student Union Programming (SUP), is the student-led programming team that creates entertaining, interactive, and diverse events designed to create enjoyable and memorable moments that build community among all TWU students” (TWU, 2018). SUP is one of the important in-house sources that supports “Hello, Health Counselor” project. It provides the most of the necessary needs for information searching and place for campaigns. The bookstore is one of the main research information sources.

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It is convenient because it located in the same building as the TWU Student Union. Electronic and internet devices such as copy machines and computer labs are located on the first floor. They are used to search for information and copy material such as the brochure, flyer, fact-sheet, and event schedules. Both women and men’s restrooms on the first floor of TWU Student Union have diaper changing/nursing stations that are in needs for the target population of the project, single parenthood students. There are three dining cafeterias located in the TWU Union, where will be the place for the campaign “Come to Eat- Know to Feed”. The game room is also located in the same building, it is used as a part of mental therapy for the club “Clear Your Mind”. It helps students release the stresses. Everything is free.

The student ID is the access key to use all sources. The following is the hyperlink for all information about TWU Student Union Programming. Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS)Mental impairment leads to reduced life quality. For single parenthood students, psychological pressure is very heavier because they are alone bearing too many stresses from job, studying, and parent’s duty. The Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS) is created to help TWU students improve the mental health.

CAPS guarantees, “Counseling Services are free for students. Payment for services is included in students’ fees and no additional fees apply. Students currently attending classes are eligible for all CAPS services” (TWU, 2018). The program cooperates with licensed psychologists and supervised psychologists-in-training will perform therapy and crisis intervention services.

It is the source that supports the club “Clear Your Mind” in the program “Hello, Health Counselor”. The program will set up the direct link to the CAPS for the program’s participants where they can seek for the help. The program “Hello, Health Counselor” will also use the CAPS’s “Group Therapy” to educate and treat its target population, single parenthood students.The following is the hyperlink for all information of the Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS),


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