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Last updated: May 2, 2019

All discovery’s absolutely Explore the ramifications of different discoveries for individuals and their world, this is Cleary explored in Michael Gow’s “Away” where Vic and Harry show commendable stoicism and strength of character in the way they deal with their sons illness. Driven by their awareness that they need to remain strong for, for Toms sake, they are determined to make his last holiday as a family as positive as they can. “They don’t know. That I know.

They want me to think I am going to be as right as rain, they must not find out I know. They must not even suspect the poor bustards. And you won’t fill them in” The Alliteration of all the Ts Emphasise to the audience the importance of Toms parents not to find out, The metaphor ” I am going to be s right as the rain” Highlights how Vic and Harry still believe and want their son to recover.

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