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AJ WardMrs.WelchEnglish 7th hour4/25/18Leadership Essay Leadership is a big deal in today’s culture and in history.

A good leader with great leadership has the potential to lead a sports team to a championship. It can be the deciding factor in a war between two nations because whoever has the better leader in the war with the right strategies will come up with a victory. A right leader in the government system can also lead the nation to prosperity and wealth or, can break a nation and drive the nation into a state of depression.

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Leadership is everywhere and the right leader will lead you to do remarkable things. First and foremost, Jesus Christ is the greatest leader we will ever have. Jesus is the example of a perfect leader. He was sinless and without fault.

According to Knowing Jesus, Luke 6:31 says, “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” A good leader should treat his followers like he would want to be treated. Jesus did that for His followers. He never treated his followers like they were a pile trash instead, when the Romans during Jesus’ trail and the people or Rome where in attendance. He did not get mad at them, yell at them, get angry with them, or even try to fight them. Jesus, being the perfect human, stood there and took it all because He treated us with the most respect and died on the cross to save our sins. It says John 10:11 says, “I am the good shepherd.

The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” Which Jesus Christ does for us since the greatest thing a leader can do is lay down his life for His people. What is so great about Jesus’ death is He did not do It just for the people that believed in Him. He also did it also for the people that did not believe in Him which is amazing. A Leader that is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of his people is a leader worth following. While this was Jesus’ greatest act of leadership Jesus also had many other great acts of leadership. Christ taught us what to do in times of trouble. According to OpenBible.

info it says in Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” What God or Jesus is telling us in Isaiah is that we as Christians have nothing to fear. We do not have to fear dying, darkness, spiders, heights, or even Hell itself because it says in this verse that He is God. He will be with His people when things look dark. He will make Christians strong enough to get through the hardships in life. He will uphold them in His righteous right hand which gives hope to people around the world. Jesus will never leave the side of people that seek him.

When people are going through the hardships that life will throw its way, God is still in control and watching over. Jesus is leading people from the wrath of Hell and saving them daily. God is good to all of His children. Another ways Jesus is a great leader is how He leads His followers to the promises or riches that were promised to them. According to, James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

” It also says on, James 1:12 says, “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trail, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” What are these saying? What does these Bible verses mean? Well, James 4:10 means that if Christians humble themselves before Jesus, Jesus will exalt them when His people get to heaven. This is also stated in James 1:12. The Lord will bless His people if they look to him when they face trials. For if Christians will stay strong in their faith Jesus will give them a crown of life which, out of Christs love, he promised to Christians. Jesus as a great leader promised His followers life and He has kept his promise through the ages and not many leaders can say they have kept their promises but, Jesus can say that. Jesus was the perfect leader, and this is a little of what the Great Leader Jesus who is three in one has done.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great leader for the black community of the issue of slavery that was blew up in late 1950s and most of the 1960s. The rise of Martin Luther King jr was when Rosa Parks decided that she was not going to be a victim of racial differences. Instead of giving up her seat to a white male, Rosa Parks then proceeded to say no and was then arrested for her actions which lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

This was the start of when Martin Luther King Jr decided to get involved and help free black from the captivity that racially profiling was putting them in. According to Katie Morell form American express King embraced his fear. He did not hide his. He was afraid and scared before his speeches because, he was worried about what the violent protestors would say about his speech. A good leader looks fear directly in the face and will overcome it with everything he has. He is not afraid of what is ahead because he has a goal in mind and that is what Martin Luther King jr did.

He wanted change to occur and was going to do everything in his power to achieve change.’ King involved everyone which is another reason why he was such a great leader. According to Katie Morell from American Express King inspired a race to get involved in what was called the Civil Rights Movement. It worked out for King because the black community wanted to be apart of something big and fight for the freedom that they so rightfully deserve and with King it was possible. King knew he could not accomplish what he was trying to accomplish alone he needed a community behind him to help him. Martin Luther King jr was no ordinary man by any means. He wanted liberty from the bondage that racial tensions were holding over him and the rest of his race.

King was not going to letting anything stop him and it clearly can be seen in the history books. King gave thousands of speeches, he was put in jail numerous times for his thinking in belief in freedom. The greatest thing about King’s leadership is it was all done under peaceful protest.

He did not resort to violence and killing white’s. Instead he did it all under that they were not going to fight violence with violence. He knew the only way that things would change is if he did it under peaceful protest. Today we are seeing all the challenging work that King fought for. No longer is their white bathrooms and black bathrooms it is all the same now. While racism will always be in the world because of King’s leadership the black race is free and can live in peace and harmony with white’s.

Another leader that has accomplished a bunch of achievement is LeBron James. According to Leadership Excellence, what made leadership LeBron James such a great leader was “he accepted the challenge to do something great.” Lebron James was drafted in the 2003 draft to the Cleveland Cavaliers right out of high school and was the first overall pick. Being the first pick and right out of high school, expectations were very high for LeBron. He was expected to bring the Cavaliers to a championship.

However, after seven years in Cleveland, Lebron failed to bring them a championship and decided to sign with the Miami Heat. After winning a couple championship over their LeBron showed great leadership and came back to the Cleveland Cavaliers to win them a championship. Lebron James knew coming home was a big deal and now that LeBron was older and more mature he was ready to lead them to a championship but, it would not be easy.

Another reason Lebron James would finally lead Cleveland to a championship was that “he made everyone around him better” according to Leadership Excellence. One of the reasons that Lebron had become a great leader is he had this gift to make the players he was playing with better. Lebron would take care of his teammates and push them to be better and better because he wanted to win a championship and knew it would take the whole team to win a championship even the fans.

In his postgame interviews LeBron would sometimes mention the fans and how good they are towards helping them win games with their intensity. LeBron James is high in physical fit but, he also played against people who were also in great physical condition. What separates LeBron from other players in the National Basketball Association is his mentality.

Lebron James just works harder than any other person in the NBA and is willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship. He can get his team together and work through the problems that may occur through an NBA season and to become the team LeBron knew he could always be and that is truly a special gift he has and is one of his best leadership qualities. Lastly. what made Lebron a great leader is “when things were not going well, he proactively responded and made changes” according to Leadership Excellence. Lebron James was down three one in the 2016 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron being the brilliant leader he is he rallied his team together and made a change in between game four and game five. His drive and focus to want to come back from a three one deficit was remarkable. Lebron lead his team and they ended winning the finals that year.

The first time the Cavaliers had one a championship since 1964. LeBron James has proven to the world that he is a natural born leader and can lead any team to the finals. LeBron is undoubtedly one of the best leaders in sports history. Leaders can be anything from “self-motivated, confident, accountable courageous, high character, and passionate” according to Brian Downard. The most important out of all these traits is self-motivated.

What Jesus, Martin Luther King jr, and LeBron James have all in common is they were self-motivated in their own way. Jesus was motivated to help stop us from sinning and dying for the people of this world, so we could go to heaven. Martin Luther was motivated by, he wanted to see blacks have the same basic rights as white people had. LeBron was motivated by the hardships he went through growing up and wanted to get his family out their and he was motivated to win championships. Self-motivations is key for any leader without self-motivations no leader can accomplish great things in his lifetime, but it is those leaders that are motivated that have the biggest impact on society.Works Cited


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