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Aims and objectives
The objective is to design and build a way to transmit wireless power through space and charge a low power device. The system will use resonant files to transfer energy to a resistive load. Investigate the various forms of geometric and physical shapes that have been evaluated in order to increase the connection between the transmitter and receiver.
Research Questions:
What is the name of the project?
wireless power transfer
What is the wireless power transfer?
Is the transfer of electricity without wires as a physical link. In a wireless transmission system, a transmitter, powered by a power source, generates a time-varying electromagnetic field, which transmits energy through space to the receiver, which extracts energy from the field and supplies it with electricity.
What are the objective of the project?
The objective is to design and build a way to transmit wireless power through space and charge a low power device.
What are the advantages of the project?
1-Easily integrated into existing Wired-Ethernet.
2-Access and accessibility improved.
3-Cost savings.
4-Safe for people.

What are the disadvantages of the project?
1-Wireless transmission of the energy causes some effects to human body, because of its radiation
2-Network traffic may cause problems in charging
3-Charging depends on network coverage
4-Rate of charging may be of minute range
5-Practical possibilities are not yet applicable as there is no much advancement in this field.
6-Process is of high cost
What is the application of wireless charging of mobile phone using microwave?
Used for wireless charging of mobile phones.
why you choose the research project?
The world is always in progress and there will be no chaos and there will be a new era without wires and security for the people.
How to manufacture these projects?
The interference of electricity into the circuit of the transmitter is a coil that transforms the electricity into an electromagnetic field and the receiver circuit is composed of another coil at a certain distance to receive the electromagnetic field. There are three factors that must be determined by the distance between 2 coil
1-The number of the reception circuit rolls should be greater than the transmitter circuit
2-The wire must be of the same type in order to be more efficient
3-The diameter of the two ears should be equal
The receiving circuit will receive the electromagnetic field and then convert it into electricity. The IC then performs a purification process until the output voltage reaches the appropriate voltage
When can the research project be implemented?
The project is completed within 155 days
Where to use this research project?
Can be carried out at home so that your laptop and phone are charged continuously and wirelessly without having to connect anything
who can use the research project?
Any device with a reception circuit can use this research project
In put voltage:12V
In put current:300mA
Diminution of wireless power transfer is 25*15*10 CM
The frequency of wireless power transfer is 2.6 GHz
cost of wireless power transfer is 450 L.E
The distance between the coil must be the transmitter circuit and the receiving circuit is about 1 meter

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-There is no experience in Coil winding method.
-Components not available in the market.
-Component of burned during the test. Strengths
-There is experience in the components and we will be able to develop from the project because there is experience in the field of electronics.
-Simple design.
-Practical for short distance.
-Transfer power without using wires.
-When you set up circuit, test program elements do not work or do not achieve the desired results.
– We did not find anyone training Coil.
-The existence of laboratories and workshops to collect components and work for testing them.
-Easily search for details of elements of this idea in more than one convertible source.

Time risk:
1-Overloaded work:
Someone has a lot of work to do
2-Component get damage
Component failure occurs due to excessive temperature, overcurrent or overvoltage, pressure or effect, and many other causes.
3- Retiring worker
The worker retired due to special circumstances or he was ill
Time risk Percentage Impact
over loaded work 25% 1
retiring worker 30% 2
components get damaged 15% 1

In time risk table
?0.25*1= 0.25
?0.3*2= 0.6
?0.15*1= 0.15
Resources risk:
1-Handmade coil specialist Unavailable in the shop
The person who rolls the coil is not in the shop
2- Unavailable labs
Try to find a mobile number in charge of the lab before setting the day to go to the lab
3-Component failure
More than one component of the same type is purchased in order to avoid the time to go to buy another component if a burn occurs

Recourses risks Percentage Impact
Parameter not available 10% 3
If there is no specialist in coil winding 35% 3
component failure 60% 3

In Recourses risks table
?0.1*3= 0.3
?0.6*3= 1.8
?(1+3.15) / (5*6) =0.0318*100=31.8%


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