Topic: Politics & Government

Last updated: June 22, 2019

After the unification of Germany, the country became rich in not only money but military power as well. Thus, Germany was seen as an important role in international relations. People saw him as a great expansionist, but Bismarck was done with war and assured that “Germany is a saturated country”
Ever since the Franco-Prussian war, France had been wanting to seek revenge for the humiliation of their loss. Since France was seen as an alleged threat by being allied with one of the big five powers in Europe, Bismarck decided to create a foreign policy to isolate France and control their power to minimize the risk of war. And war was not something Bismarck desired as it would only hinder his unification process. The foreign policy was made on Bismarck’s terms due to the unification. Because Bismarck didn’t want war, he needed to find another way to make him more powerful. Which was to create Dreikaiserbund with Austria and Russia with three motives; showed the beliefs against nationalism, that Austria and Russia weren’t to ally with France, prevention of conflict between Russia and Austria in the Eastern Question.


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