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After the past 2 years, the veterinary clinicians will perform more about the post-mortem examinations or it is called as Necropsy. This aims of post-mortem method for the veterinarian are they want to know the reason of animal to die, to identify the deceased, to estimate the time after the death happen, to collect the specimens for their additional testing and to determine any control of drugs, poisons which can directly affect the death of animals (Saukko & Knight, 2004).

By doing the post-mortem technique as part of their education, they will also be treated, knowing, managing and investigate the dead body, their inner part of the body, the tissues, muscles and others things inside of the dead animals. The time to make post-mortem with a different part of the body will be related to the temperature. The animal should being investigate immediately after it was killed because of the possible changes that can be brought to the affection of the meat in the food. There are a few types of the post-mortem which are first is post-mortem examination or can also be called Forensic Pathology. Next is clinical forensic medicine and lastly Forensic Science.

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When the process post-mortem has proceeded, the veterinarian will face many types of species that have a different characteristic of every each died animals. For example, birds, reptiles, cattle, pigs and marine life that newly contain chemotherapy. Besides, there are a few of important thing and needs when doing the post-mortem towards the dead animals. First of all, the veterinarian can ensure the integrity is served in respect towards the deceased, the accused, the next of keen and the respect of security companies (Oparanya, 2009; MOLFD, 2007; Nyaga, 2007). After that, there are also has post-mortem changes. Post-mortem changes are the changes and occur in the body of animals at earlier, during and after death.

The change gives clue and several symptoms to nature during the disease process. Unfortunately, it is not often alteration result. For example, when they want to compare the diagnosis process and its explanation of post-mortem research by understanding in order on how to make the right observations (Wiley Blackwell, 2009). The number of changes occurs when the animals are starting is dying. Hypoxia is one of the examples that affect the animals. Hypoxia is a common ante-mortem that is related and included in the blood of an animal post-mortem while all the blood called hypoxia. Characteristically, this kind of hypoxic animal has dark blood color and not clot in major vessel and heart.

Blood with oxygenated at the time of death will be clotted well. So, this is one of the important things to do when making the post-mortem to the dead animals because the veterinarian can identify the animal’s characteristic in more details. The actual event of death often occurs with aspiration and passive flow of rumen in larynx, trachea, and lung. This post-mortem shifting of a carcass is processing during the earlier of the experiment and carry out the content from respiratory tract which is the rumen or gastric. This is very important since it can compare the difference between material entering the respiratory tract at this time from material entering the respiratory tract that is responsible for pneumonia and ultimately death. There is no tissue reaction towards the rumen that entering respiratory tract.

Several materials enter the respiratory tract for the first primary of death will cause some hyperemia and fibrin exudation from mucous membranes (Wiley Blackwell, 2009).The next point of the importance of post-mortem is it does not only serve for the criminal but by doing this also will excepting the suspect from criminal involvement. This is because the post-mortem helps to identify the reason for every animal that died (Oparanya, 2009; MOLFD, 2007; Nyaga, 2007).

So, when they know the truth, the suspect will not get the judgment from other peoples. Besides, they also can give another beneficial especially when the veterinarian makes a selection of the best treatment for other animals in their shelter like a house. Later on that, there is another importance of post-mortem which is based on the result and the analysis that has been done by the veterinarian. This is because all data and results have been used to policy in making and preventive measure such as try to reduce the number of road traffic accident cases.

Back to their processing, the active aspiration happens in the disease process that gives chance for animals to die. The animal maybe has an accidental when inhaling of ingesta due to the inhalation occurring as an effect to the other process. This is an important differentiation to make because appreciation of gastric or rumen contents cannot occur in the presence of normal laryngeal reflexes. The theory based on what the veterinarian have analysis, the aspiration is an aim of the nervous disease affecting reflexes (Balliere Tindall, 1991).

Furthermore, the process that called Necropsy is also related to the microscopic (gross) and the sample will be taken with consent to investigate the cause of death. Two examples of samples are bacterial culture and viral isolation. Later, there are a few points that need to be focusing on which are the post-mortem has been done at Animal Health Trust Hospital. All the request that want to make a treatment of post-mortem must be made through a referring vet prior to arrival and it must not belong to the owner themselves.

Besides, the effect of the post-mortem is at the part of freezing tissue after the death of animals which contain big storage of earlier tissue. This can give analysis on the receptor binding examine and can limit the understanding effects of the disease on receptor population (Charles M. Scanlan, 1990). Last but not least, the part of command disease is not treated by the veterinarian but they will strive to prevent and understand like give donations beloved animals. The purpose is to get more knowledge about what the activities they are doing. So, when we are conducting the necropsy, the prosecutor must give a clear idea of the purpose in any particular post-mortem examination and the type of examination that need to be excepted and obtained from the overall of the experiment.

So, by doing the post-mortem to the dead body of living things, it can give advantages and disadvantages to the people.


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