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Last updated: March 5, 2019

After looking at the impacts of the divorce on different individuals,there are a few solutions to overcome the side effects of divorce especially on children.

As stated above, children face the most impact due to the separation of their parents.When it comes to children and family, physicians can play their role by playing a supportive role with the parents and give their advise on what is best for the children after separation or divorce of the parents.From the article of Promoting Mental Health for Children of Separating Parents(Paediatr Child Health, 2000) it is stated that physicians carry the responsibility of advising parents about strategies for effective communication with their children. Parents are even advised not to argue or scold their ex-spouse in front of their children.They help educate parents to understand false accusations of child abuse harm children and ex-spouses.From my point of view, physicians do play a crucial role in helping the family to get over the divorce.

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They assist the children and make the parents understand the needs of their children, how to not make divorce as a bad impact on the child’s life.This brings about better mental health for those children who are affected by the separation of their parents.Another solution to this problem is by preventing the divorce by strengthening marriages.

Firstly,the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program(PREP) from the article of Strengthening Marriages and Preventing Divorce was designed to educate couples regarding the skills and the ground rules in dealing with conflicts and to promote intimacy in a six hour session.This is according to the article Strengthening Marriages and Preventing Divorce (Scott M.Stanley,1995) .Techniques such as time out are taught to be used by the couples in this program. This is to put a hold on situations from escalating and turn it into a more positive mode of communication. This programs applies both behavioral and cognitive involvement in which couples are taught very structured and specific methods of effective communication as well as educating the participants regarding the danger signs which leads to marital failure.In my opinion, communication among couples is the key point  to save their relationship and prevent marital distress.

If a relationship is salvageable then its definitely better than getting a divorce which is a very long and painful process.In a nutshell, divorce affects so many different individuals in so many different ways. Psychologists should play their part in discouraging divorce among couples to promote mental health.

Even after divorce parents should pay full attention to their children so that they are mot neglected.Government should enforce the law to get divorce so that couples will think wisely before making a decision to get a divorce.Those couples who have problems with each other should consider going for counselling so that they can deals with the differences among them.


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