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Last updated: September 2, 2019

After considering my aptitude, interests, past experience and ambitions, I have decided to join back e-commerce industry. Analytics in E-commerce broadly comprise of supply chain management, operations optimization, customer and merchant analytics, product analytics, marketing analytics which immensely harvest the data for quantifying the efforts, effectiveness, driving financial performance and making informed decisions.

Focus on Big data analytics has also given a competitive advantage nowadays. Thus, both technical and business aspects of analytics exist in E-commerce. With the advancement of this industry and generation of millions of data points every second, there is compelling need of human insight with quantitative and analytical outlook to deal with challenging business problems.

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I envision myself finding a position within the same room of decision makers who think outside the box and understand that there are many ways to accomplish something. Various businesses in e-commerce industry make informed, data-driven decisions and actions established on trends. According to data type and business problem various predictive algorithms and models can be applied to analyze and anticipate the future events and trends. I aspire to add business value using such Predictive analysis in predicting customer demands, recommendations and products, better pricing of products and customer service, inventory management. Also, after gaining sound experience I want to be recognized as Subject matter expert and would like to mentor new business analysts. I would like to make use of knowledge and best practice sharing opportunities in Future. Earning a master’s degree in Business analytics will provide me the essential tools to accomplish my career goals.


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