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Afsana MaqsoodENC1102Prof. Plakcy7/23/2018 The Hunger Games: Novel versus MovieIt is very common when a book turned into a film, changes and alterations are made by the movie makers. Some may erase or add up thrill or romance from the book to create an enjoyable movie for the audience, but some may fail to represent the original book. The novel “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins is among those books which have been made into a movie.

The story of the book and movie is great, but the movie had some certain alteration that differed from the original book. There are some similarities like the famous phase wrote by Suzanne Collins “May the odds be ever in your favor” appears throughout in the movie. The storyline, main characters are both same in book and the movie but there are some differences that are very noticeable in the movie.

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Few differences that make the movie differ from the book is the point of view was changed, less emotion and more action, some other character and details were missing from the movie.One of the discrepancies between the book and movie is the point of view. The story telling in the book was first person and the movie was third persons’ perspective. In the book Katniss is the one who is telling her story. From the book we know about herself, her life and what she is thinking. She keeps telling about her past and present in the book by that we know how her father died, why she doesn’t have a strong bonding with her mother, how she can do so many things to survive like she knows hunting and the connection in the marketplace because of her father. But in the movie, we miss out all these details.

In the movie the relationship between Gale and Katniss isn’t very clear but the way Katniss explain in the book about Gale, it is more than just friendship. Point of view is the biggest difference in the movie because the way Katniss told her story in the book, we don’t get to see that in the movie.In addition, another difference which is found in the book and the movie is the characters.

Some characters are missing from the movie whereas the book have lot of details about them. First character which missing from the movie is Madge. Madge is mayor’s daughter who give the mocking jay pin to Katniss as a token before she leaves for the capitol. However, in the movie the story modified, and the pin was given by her sister primrose as a sign of protection. Peter’s dad who isn’t mentioned in the movie, brings cookie for Katniss to make her realize he likes her all along.

But later Katniss throws the cookies from the train as she realizes she might have to kill his son in the game. One more character that is lost from the movie is Avox, the girl who is a capitol servant and the government cut her tongue because she was trying to escape from the capitol. These are some minor characters that are missing from the movie but these characters what makes the book more interesting.Furthermore, the book has more details than the movie. One of the detail that has been changed in the movie is that Katniss got the mocking jay pin from market given by an old lady whereas she got the pin from Madge.

Another detail that has changed is that the game maker shown in the movie, yet he barely showcased in the book. In the movie the way he set death trap for other, so he had to face consequence for his wrongdoings and he left with no choice but to kill himself with poisonous berries.Summing up, while there are some similarities between the novel and the movie, the differences are inevitable. The point of view, some missing character and details are evident.

Despite the differences, both the movie and the novel are great.Spencer, Anna. “And May the Visuals Be Ever in Your Favor: An Analysis of Visual Metaphors in The Hunger Games.” The Feast, 2013, siteslab.

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