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Last updated: February 15, 2020

Advertisement is part of our daily life, and we cannot ignore it. The moment we wake up, we are susceptible to the influence of companies, Tv shows and organizations and its is nearly impossible to avoid some advertising during the daily routine. An advertisement can be placed or present almost anywhere, newspapers, radio, magazines, buses and online. Advertisement is highly organized, that is able to reach people in many places of the world. Advertisement is here and there to draw attention to something or to inform a person regarding some information. The main function of advertisement is to introduce a variety of consumer goods and impart information that consumer use to make brand choices. But advertising does much more than just introduce a product , it also affects the behaviour and culture of people.
Advertisement has cultural and economic effects. Our culture is is reflection of our advertising. The effects of advertising have been so profound, that it has affected everything from food preference to our body image. The adds, tell us what our needs and wants, then they promise to fulfill us with products. As a result we become addicted consumer. We believing and purchasing products, that has no effect of helping people. The term culture is to be used to signify the behaviors, expectations and values of society.

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An article A Brand by Any Other Name, by Douglas Rushkoff was about kids and their obsession with brands. Kids and teens, men and women, are all obsessed with choosing a brand of clothing, shoes or anything that represents them. This leads to negative effects in our culture and society. I don’t understand, why people think, that a brand name can define them, and reflect images about themselves to other people. An example would be that buying a pair of Adidas means you’re an athlete. Kids today are more easily targeted because they have not yet developed a sense of who they are. Pressures in school affect them more than at any other age. Kids are easily influenced into which brands are cool and in.
Nowadays advertisements are so powerful and suggestive to their nature, because they are designed to manipulate the consumer. Advertisements have gone so far as affecting the way the language is used in our culture. Advertisers do this by displaying ads that have a hidden joke or message. Those people, who understand the joke, feel cooler therefore believing the brand is cool. Advertisers will even make pointless ads to try and convince people that the ads have a hidden meaning that make the viewers want to understand, then therefore buy the product. Everyone is affected by advertisements regardless of what one believes, thinks or says. All these leads to less cognitive effort from the consumer, as well as changing conceived definitions.
Advertising has a serious impact on the culture of our countries. The economy uses the same commercials in a lot of different countries, which leads to a break down in the societies. Advertisements , TV shows and also movies use a variety of filmic techniques to reinforce the message in the script. Dramatic designs can do the same for magazines ads or websites, to attract

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attention. Also advertising effects our subtle. Many people believe everything they see and hear in the advertisements. People rush out of the store immediately after seeing and ad. These leads kids to become murders or violent people, having anger issues by playing games, that they see in advertisements. Kids are being interrupted by advertisements, they pay attention to the TV most of the time, then they do to their parents. This leads to addiction, of buying products,which they don’t need, like tobacco, drugs, expensive clothes, which some parents can’t afford and that leads to poornes. Advertising also affects the core of our cultures, the values and subsidiary cultural values. Advertisement is mirror to the society in which it operates and reflects the cultural value of the society. Ads can also transfer some cultural values of one society to other, which most people think, that it is improving our standards of living.
Therefore advertising closely harms consumer behaviors, therefore it affects personality of consumer, his concept of self attitude, opinions, beliefs and his lifestyle. I think that, ads should not mislead the consumer, because what is promised must be there in the performance of product , which is missing. Also ads should not be obscene and indecent, advertisements should, use clean grammer and words, that would not lead to sexual harassment. Advertising is also a social process, it must honor the norms of social behavior, I think it should also not offend our moral sense. I have noticed, that some advertisements observe fairness in competitions so that consumer need to be informed on choices in the marketplace and generally accept competitive behavior. But these ads use these positive effects to draw attention in order to compete with other companies, to see which of the brand has been sold the most.

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However advertising is an important social phenomenon. It both stimulates consumption, economic activity models, lifestyles and a certain value orientation, it serves a marketing function by helping companies that provide products or services to sell their products. Advertisement plays an important role in helping our economy function. It is a tool for economic growth and way to inform the public. It helps increase competition, make productions efficient, lowering prices, creating jobs and improving overall livelihood. But people need to understand, that advertisement brings positive and also negative effects in our lives. Advertisements and Media are too powerful, we can’t stop them, they play a huge role in our world, but they slowly bring and carry and effect, that is affecting, and will continue to affect the progress of life in this nation and around the world.


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