Advantage of the experience was working in a team. I was proud of myself of being in a humble team. One member from our group designed and included some information on slides. She was like a leader in the group, but she was treating us nicely without pride of being a leader. She was not pressurising us to do specific task but if we were okay with it then only she assigned us to do it. Although we were allocated with one issue, everybody was collaborating and helping others to do their slides. As disadvantage, except for one person who was not concerned to interact with us. However, another person from our group even asked her if she need help to build up her slide but she didn’t reply. Seeing that a member of a group is concern about another member made me feel secure to be in a supportive group. According to Belbin team role summary we had a team of ‘plant’ that was creative and produced different ideas to be a successful presentation. Although we didn’t have enough time in seminar we were still discussing about the task on WhatsApp. But asynchronous communication was difficulty to discuss due to late reply. Nevertheless, synchronicity communication had immediate response and several questions were asked within the group. According to Richard Daft and Robert Lengal, they developed a theory called ‘media richness’. It says, ‘texting is less rich than face-to-face communication.’ I prefer synchronicity communication because for me it was more comfortable, and I could express my feelings however, we managed to build up our presentation in both ways. According to Edward T Hall, ‘members of different cultures perceived reality’ this may lead to miscommunications. Sometimes between us we used to misunderstand some words but through explanation from the person who knew and research I personally understood what it was meant. Most importantly, we didn’t lose hope despite one of the members lack of contribution.


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