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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Adidas is among one of the largest manufacturers of sports clothing, products, and accessories. Not only is Adidas recognized around the world for its designs and manufacturing of shoes, clothing and accessories but also due to the fact that it works with and sponsors a lot of sports players, sports teams and sports tournaments. In recent times, the company regularly promoted its products by advertising them and it ended up being successful in doing so. Today, Adidas, as a result of the upgrading and increase in the quality of optical products, is now forced to improve their market strategies. The trend of people using and wearing of optical eyeglasses is now increasing in most parts of the world.The upgrading and increase in the quality of ophthalmic products and technologies give Adidas new opportunities to easily have access to their target market.

If Adidas has to compete in the optical environment against fierce competition from rivals like Nike, the company must move from traditional sources to optical products and technology marketing in order to meet the demand of future optical patients. The marketing trends are changing day by day. The increasing trend of people using and wearing optical eyeglasses gives Adidas the best chances in expanding their market share by capturing their target market easily and to produce more effective marketing strategies.

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