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Last updated: October 16, 2019

Adichie introduces us to another key protagonist, Obinze, Ifemelus ex boyfriend in Nigeria. Obinze, is from a middle class family and both parents are college graduates and professors.

He comes from a higher income family than Ifemelu. In some instances in their relationhip, readers can see the difference of how their socioeconomic status played a role in their education and the difference between them. Obinze at one point says to Ifemelu “But You also have to read proper books. ‘She looked at him, amused by his earnestness… That must be what your professor mother taught you” (72). He doesn’t consider he type of books or readings to be of a proper academia standard. He tries to get her interested in a higher caliber of literature than she currently reads, and she tries to live up to these expectations. This is something that will linger with Ifemelu through out her years.

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She ncounters the same issue with other boyfriends as well; Blaine, a Yale professor, was Ifemelus African American boyfriend later in life. Blaine holds himself to high standards and expects the same from Ifemelu And Curt, he was a white rich guy. He wasn’t exactly a bookworm like Obinze and Blaine, but he still questioned Ifemelu about her choice of magazine, calling it “racially skewed” (364). All belonging to higher socioeconomic backgrounds especially in comparison to Ifemelu.

There’s a lot that goes into the education system. Skilled teachers, quality curriculum, government funding, and the diverse ways on determining a student’s progress; these are just some of the key resources needed in the education system. A good education, therefore, should not be ruled out by poverty, uneducated parents or poor management.


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