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Last updated: December 6, 2019

“Addiction refers to the psychological impact on any person- Dr Cox and Rethman (Social media addiction 2011 ; University of Atlanta “.Addiction as an idea, started in medicinal and behavioral science. It impacts the mental condition of the individual and leaves a blemish on his psychological state and other mental conditions . Whatsapp is a stage of texting application over the world for Smartphone. It empowers clients to send and get the area, data, Images, video, sound and instant messages continuously to people and gathering of companions at no cost. Whatsapp is a stunning application, and with its assistance we can interface ourselves to the general public and the entire world , it is a successful medium for the stream of data and thoughts. This application is worthwhile for us from numerous ways which involves a noteworthy piece of our everyday life.

Be that as it may, this application has developed as an imperative medium for long range informal communication and sharing of data and thoughts, even it has some harmful impact on the life of youth hence , it is fundamental to know how it is influencing the life of youth and the general public everywhere . The present study will uncover that whatsapp is a medium of making correspondence less demanding and quicker along these lines by improving successful stream of data, thought, sharing and interfacing individuals simpler.The main aim of this study is to understand the impact of whatsapp among youth of New Delhi (age group 13 to 25) , the other target of this examination is to assess the level of positive and negative effect of Whatsapp emissary among youth, in order to do so the method of data collection was Questionnaire survey which consisted of 24 questions on whatsapp usage and psychological intensity with respect to the app , The data collection was done among the youth of New Delhi and the sample size was 50-55 respondents . In a few studies ,it was discovered that whatsapp has additionally a significant negative effect on youth and antagonistically influences their training, conduct and routine lives. it botches up quite a bit of study time of understudy and crown jewels their spelling abilities and syntactic development of sentences. This application has been observed to be exceedingly addictive, which leaves a follow that ends up hard to control. The effect is powerful to the point that users surrender their certifiable intrigue their whole enthusiastic remainder is confined to the application. The users are not able to control themselves from constantly chatting, replying or sharing of ideas.

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