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Last updated: January 24, 2019

Actually I have started my reading habit just a month before sir because of everyone’s advice including the professors and my parents. Then I was thinking for two days that how to start the reading initially because I don’t know of what type of books will change me a voracious reader. The things which our heart didn’t accepts cannot be continued for a long time that may be applied for friendship too. So I asked for help to my NCC senior L.Praveen Kumar, who has passed out now and I’m glad to say he is a very well knowledged  person and when I told him that I got the eagerness to read ,he was very happy and he insisted me to read the CURFEWED NIGHT book.                      This book is really an interesting book and I bought that in amazon online shopee and through this book I got the clear knowledge about the problem which is going on between India and Pakistan.

This book was written by BASHARAT PEER. He is such an awesome fellow because he had lived there in Kashmir from his childhood and that was his native. He had shared his all his miserable conditions in that God’s unblessed place.The militants group were increasing  at that time and the Indian Government and the Army showed their rage to the militants and for that our government had showed its third face to all the Kashmir people and they began to think Pakistan will be the better place for them but according to the agreements our government did not leave them.Finally he says that this problem cannot be taken towards it end because for that both the Governments should go for a mutual understanding leaving all the militant activities and unfortunately according to the author this will never happen and I’m too saying the same because it’s less probable.                       And my reading habit will continue for my life time and I started loving reading.

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