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Last updated: October 19, 2019

Activity 1
Throughout this report you will see explanations and benefits of having a diverse workforce, explanations of factors that can affect an organisations approach to talent planning you will find key factors that can affect an organisation’s recruitment and selection policy. You will see examples and methods of recruitment and the selection that is used in organisation when it is appropriate to use them
The organisational benefits of having a diverse workforce in today’s organisation is reaching out to a wider range of customers and growing your business. Workforces and work patterns are changing, the work population is getting older and increasing levels of females and people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are entering the workforce.
There is a clear gained advantage from employing a diverse workforce. The best starting point for any organisation is firstly to develop a good equality and diversity policy, backed up with a strong plan of action. See below four short explanations of why you should have a diverse workforce.

The benefits of a diverse Talent Pool are innovation, creativity and enhanced customer loyalty and financial growth for your organisation.
The benefits of a having a Positive employer branding is if your organisation is a known brand it will be seen as innovative creative, productive and progressive if you get the branding right other organisations will want to work with you.

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The benefits of having Different Skills and Experience within your organisation is you do not have to look outside your organisation the talent already exists you just have to gather accurate information about your staff and you will then discover and develop this within your organisation it is often the more diverse your employees are the greater set of skills they will bring to the organisation. The benefits of this are that you will reduce your recruitment costs.

The benefits of having an improved employee on boarding and retention are that new employees can be on boarded and will integrate easily when they have employees that can relate to. Employees who feel valued, comfortable and able to integrate are less likely to leave and look elsewhere for employment. This in turn will reduce spending money on recruitment and will help build knowledge and expertise within the organisation.

There are many different internal and external factors that can affect an organisations approach to talent planning as an organisation communication can affect your approach to talent planning firstly you must understand the business goals of the organisation.. Having a consistent corporate communication through advertisement. By keeping your organisations website up to date this will work as invaluable tool which you can use to contact candidates and people will visit your site to see job openings and help to keep in touch with them and also send out newsletters. Another way is by getting your organisation listed as a best place to work
You can attract talent planning by the image and brand if an organisation is branded correctly you will have a good reputation and you will be known as a good employer this will make you more appealing and successful and this will make people want to work for your organisation as they will recognise the brand and this will attract new clients which will help the organisation successful, grow and make it a profitable place to work.

Unemployment has an effect on talent planning for instance if the employment rate in your business area is high you will receive a lot of applications and this will make the recruitment process a lot more easier for you to attract and receive a lot of qualified applicants With a low rate of unemployment this makes recruitment a lot more difficult
Economic Environment can have an effect on talent planning an organisation should know what money is available in the pot to spend and this will depend on what the current climate is at the time this will also effect the organisations recruitment as adverting costs and in addition staff salaries and the benefits and organisation offers.

The three key factors that can affect an organisations recruitment selection policy is


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