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Last updated: January 29, 2020

Active communication is the key in building relationships with children, as it does help us feel more valued. It also shows the child that their interests and opinions are payed attention to.This will help children to look up to us as role models and will take time in talking and listening to adults around them, communicating clearly to them either giving them instruction or clearly giving them praise and hopefully you can build trust and respect which will help when it comes to them talking about aspects of their lives which could be troubling them.

It is vital that the adult stays professional always and doesnt try to be the childs or young persons friend as this would cross the line between friendship and teaching.Positive relationships allow children and adults to relationship build and to share thoughts and ideas, to express needs and feelings and to gain reassurance and acknowledgement. In order to work effectively with children and young people, and so that we can plan for and meet their needs, it is essential to establish relationships with a range of people. Teachers that have good communication skills are likely to have a solid relationships with children, young people and other adults.Relationships can be influenced by body language, facial expression and ways in which others listen and talk to you.The surroundings where the child or young person constructs and shapes relationships must be a stimulating environment where thry can play and learn in.

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This also needs to be a safe environment, that the welfare is being maintained always but also promote the development in pupils. Within setting out tasks within the classroom ensure that you communicate clearly what you are explaining, summarising the task and then letting the group repeat the task allows them to understand what it is they are going to do. By doing this you are letting them engage and take time to listen in back and forth conversation.


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