Activator: Compare and contrasting mini lesson that will help students find similarities or differences about a topic/text. Flocabulary video on compare and contrast and Venn Diagram graphic organizer.
In this lesson, students will practice the comparing and contrasting that they have learned earlier in the mini lesson: comparing and contrasting.
Students will practice by comparing and contrasting chapter 15 of To Kill a Mockingbird with the film utilizing a graphic organizer.
Text to Film Comparison/Contrast: Taking a Stand at the Jailhouse (Chapter 15)
• Handout and display a poster size of the Text to Film Comparison: Taking a Stand at the Jailhouse Note-catcher.
• Students will watch the film version of the scene they just read.
• Students should either be comparing or contrasting what they see in the film versus what they have read in the book.
• Remind them that they should also pay attention to how the film various from the text and vice versa.
• When the film ends, have students write down their answers in the first two columns of the Note-catcher or the Venn diagram can also be used with this activity. Ask them pair share their observation with their neighbor.

On the back of your organizer:
1. Write an in-depth paragraph describing which
version (book or movie) you liked better.
Example: I preferred the ________________ version of this story, because…

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2. Explain and give reasons for your answer of the book or movie.


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