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Across the Caribbean, teenage pregnancy is quiet common especially among girls in the age groups of 15-19 years old. In my essay, I will expound on the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy on the lives of teenagers.Firstly, teenage pregnancy can best be defined as women under the age of 20 being pregnant. There are several causes of that have influenced a teenage girl to become pregnant and sexually active at an early age. Peer pressure is known for one of the main causes of adolescence pregnancy. During the stage of adolescence, most teens tend to feel pressured to make friends and fit in with their peers.

Most times these teen tend to be led a stray and influenced by their friends in making the decision of be involved in sexual intercourse even though they are not aware of the consequences associated with such act. The absentee of most teens’ parents is another cause of teenage pregnancy. Such situation happens because majority of the adolescences parents are often busy so less time is spent with the teens and therefore, limited guidance and lecturing about making responsible decisions on issues such as sex and nurturing a child is not given. (Langham, R.Y.

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, PH.D. 2015. Retrieved from https://www.livestrong.

com/article/146681-what-are-the-causes-of-teenage-pregnancy/.)Teenage pregnancies can have both negative and positive effects on the lives of the young teenage moms. Most women who become pregnant during their teens are at a high risk for having medical complications, such as premature labour, miscarriages and social consequences. However, such consequences includes the mothers having low income which causes most of them to rely on welfare at some points.

Also teen moms often drop out of school and this affects their lives in them not having an education. (Swierzewski, S.J.

, October 20, 2000. Retrieved from


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