According to the essay “Dogs Notice When People (or Other Dogs) Sound Sad” by Elizabeth Preston, she discusses that dogs have features of compassion in reaction of various sounds by humans, animals, and nature. Different tests have been done where dogs have heard an audio of people who, for example, laughing and weeping, and other dogs who are barking and nagging. Recorded video of the tests was analyzed by researchers and discovered some categories of dogs’ behaviors. Dogs differently reacted to emotional and unemotional sounds. For instance, while people are laughing or sobbing, dogs had response to those emotional tones by barking or nagging; also, dogs had restless conditions, such as scratching, licking their lips, and non-moving. However, dogs did not demonstrate response on non-emotional tones which are wildlife sounds and quite human speaking. In addition, researchers noted that there was mostly no dissimilarity among dog’s behaviors to hearing a human in trouble and another dog in distress. Finally, authors states that dogs had powerful negative response to perceive the negative feelings of humans and other dogs which may be valuable in the future when someone or any animal will be in an unsafe situation.


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