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Last updated: February 25, 2019

According to the DPLA website, it provides access to over 15 million objects from libraries, museums, and archives. In addition to serving as an open portal for cultural heritage, literature, art, scientific materials, and Apps so the user can search the archives in different ways or review and study features of the DPLA itself, such as the flow of materials from sources.DPLA includes links to information created by other public and private organizations.

These links are provided for the user’s convenience.The website is approachable, structured in a way that it’s for users easy to maneuver site the navigation bar offers tabs such as browsing by topic, browsing by partners, browsing the exhibition or search the primary set also users can read about DPLA and see the latest news and activities offered by DPLA.The interactive platform for the items in its exhibits, bringing the user into the story each piece is telling. Instead of being passive users of information, site visitors can zoom and otherwise manipulate the images on the screen. The objects are displayed in a more professional way with details and references. The bottom line of the interface offers a complete amount of information and the extent of topics covered, it’s hard to for users not to fall in the love DPLA interface.DPLA graphics appearance is clear and pixilated in the best format and the web designer used graphics in the background of the website. If the users were interested in the pictures all he/she must do is click and you see a brief history of the image, credit to and the impact of the image of the human.

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The interface menus are divided into an upper line which includes browsing, primary sources set, exhibition and news, however, the bottom line about DPLA, tools and DPLA pro that includes different hubs, projects, events, eBooks and developers.The interface controls the provided a record of the user interface information such as drawings, video, and textual information and maps. Searching DPLA interface is straightforward and browsing by topic or partner when the user, such as, the user is searching the Gulf war so the results vary, and the user can define the search from type, subjects, place, partners, contributing institution, language and users can sort by date or relevance, item layout, filtering unwanted results.The interface shows uniformity regarding the font, the background, colour (white and blue)and layout of the navigation bar. DPLA offers personalization feature like the list-making feature, users can save searched topics and subject in their list and download it in their laptops to share it with the rest of the world.The search results found in DPLA is well-organized and if the users found the targeted results they must click it and the result will take to the metadata page where the users can find a description, language, format, full-sized, document, author, publisher, institution, cite me, subjects right and URL link.

The site doesn’t offer shortcut features.The interface offers services such as; newsletter, copyrights, contact us, news, events, feedback and FAQ. DPLA interface offers social network tools such as; Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. I notice the lack of user support.My recommendation for the interface is to think bigger than becoming a nation digital library I think it time to diversify the website and let it became a multicultural and multilingual hub for all kind of users.The DPLA is already a useful tool with some remarkable features like up-to-date, authority of sources, functionality, and as more partners join the effort, the DPLA will only become more important to the user.


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