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Last updated: March 27, 2019

According to the dictionary abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end apregnancy.Abortion is a personal issue: This implies that each person must have the freedom to do it or not. If it wants to do it, the State must possess the necessary tools and support so that it is attended by specialists and oriented in an objective and human way.The issue of abortion is quite controversial because it involves aspects related to the sexual and reproductive human rights of women; with ethical, moral and religious values; and with the ideas we have today in our environment regarding femininity and motherhood. Individual freedom, respect for personal conscience to decide good or evil, is indisputable, however, in the legal and social framework, this individual freedom has a limit on the rights of third parties, the damage done to other human beings different than the ones you decide.

The mother has the right to control her own body first, a baby is not part of the mother’s body. He is an individual human being, with his own separate body.The reasons are very diverse and depend on the personal and social context of each woman, however, the common goal is that they do not feel prepared to assume motherhood at that time in their lives, either because they were raped, because they are not in a relationship situation of a stable couple, because they already have the desired number of daughters or sons, because they do not have the economic resources to face pregnancy, because pregnancy and motherhood interfere with their life project (study or work), among many others.

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There are no reasons of more importance or weight than others, since the one who establishes this criterion is each woman at the particular moment of the life in which she finds herself, according to her values, her personal and social resources.There are several types of abortion: ? Threatened abortion? Inevitable abortion? Incomplete abortion? Complete abortion? Missed abortion? Habitual abortionCountries with highest abortion rates in 2018:• Russia The abortion in Russia is available up to the 12th week of pregnancy, and in special circumstances, at later stages.• Cuba Cuba is another one of the top countries with high abortion rate.

The total percentage of pregnancies aborted is 38.25%. Cuba has allowed abortions since 1968, and it is one of the only countries in Latin America with abnormally high proportion of abortions.• EstoniaThe percentage of pregnancies aborted in Estonia is around 32.65%. Abortion was legally allowed in Estonia about half a century ago, in 1955, when Estonia was still a part of Soviet Union.List of countries where abortion is illegal:• Afghanistan• Argentina• Angola• Bangladesh• Benin• Brazil• Venezuela• Libya• Mexico• Madagascar• MaliList of countries where abortion is legal:• European countries – Poland, Lichtenstein and Monaco • South Korea, Jordan, Argentina and Costa Rica.

• A further 24 countries include protecting the woman’s mental health as grounds for access. These include New Zealand, Israel, Malaysia, Colombia and Thailand.The issue of abortion is not an easy matter, the decision to abort, according to many women is somewhat difficult, although there are many reasons for it, such as personal circumstances, health risk or even for the baby itself , which may have a disease. As we have already mentioned, abortion is not something simple, so other factors are taken into account, such as guidance services, information and advice to help women make a decision.In conclusion Although in 2018, there will continue to be much more controversy about this issue, the only thing that remains is to continue fighting for more information in all countries, informing youth that abortion is not just a game, teaching them that health is also at stake, and if it is something they cannot avoid doing, make health a free right and not deprive anyone of it.


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