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Last updated: April 4, 2019

According to O’Leary ; Deegan (2005), IT IS reported that satisfaction with the experience is a significant for encouraging positive word-of-mouth and revisit to destination. Tourists’ satisfaction level is related to customer needs and travel intention.

Everyone has different satisfaction level from the same travel destination. The important is in the different level satisfaction must gain the clear picture motivation (Qu, Ping & Yee, 1999).Rust et al. in past tourism research has definition service quality and customer satisfaction influence the behavior intentions. In service quality, satisfactions contribute to define the problematic and operational. Some researchers reported that perceived service quality and satisfaction are different constructs But both are a causal relationship (Cronin & Taylor, 1992; Gotlieb et al., 1994; Spreng & Mackoy, 1996).

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Tourist’s satisfaction is important role in designing the destination product and service for marketing planning of destination. It also reflects the performance of destination product and services (Yoon ; Uysal, 2005). Moutinho (1982) has been supposing that tourist satisfaction is a function of the product’s performance, perception and motivation. When the satisfaction increases, performance, perception of the proportion will increase.

There has been an enormous amount of research looking at the relationship between satisfaction and other structures, such as service quality, and found that service quality can directly affect the satisfaction, thus improving service quality, satisfaction will improve (Soutar, 2001). Service quality may be just one factor can influence satisfaction at a destination. Several researchers State that satisfaction with the overall assessment is not only the service quality, but also product features, product attributes and price(Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1994). Soutar (2001) suggests that service quality and value may be able to affect the satisfaction


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