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Last updated: February 7, 2020

According to Cohen, Swerdlik & Sturman (2018), the instrument norm is created for a group of test takers to use as a reference to evaluate, interpret, and for context placing of a person’s test scores (Cohen, Swerdlik ; Sturman, 2018). This research will study ‘norm-referencing’ to examine cognitive abilities in scoring comparisons then it will measure participants’ performance and test anxiety influence on. An example, measurements may contain inadequate test preparation, students’ features of freezing on a test, and self-defeating heightened confidence. Also, if previous reliability measurements are accessible, they would give you verified practices to compare information with similar constructs. A measurement tool for reliability is ‘situation-specific’ which would focus on two main points of test anxiety; emotional and cognitive measurements (Cohen, Swerdlik ; Sturman, 2018). This would emphasize study habits, skillsets, test perceptions, emotional factors and possibly, cognitive scale measurements for consistency over time (Cohen, Swerdlik ; Sturman, 2018).


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