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Last updated: March 25, 2019

According to Buckman (2015) he suggests people struggle speak about death because of lack of knowledge about the unknown demise to their life, psychological reasons consisting of suffering and anxiety, increased medicalization and diverse religious faiths, and worries referring to skilled and non-skilled carers, who’s involvement makes them seem responsible for the care of the dying individual. Okon (2015) reasons that the historic viewpoints of biomedicines have made death unacceptable and alien, at the same time Komaromy (2009) claims that sorting out the death within establishments supports the views that dying is undesirable and must be concealed. Buckman contends that an extra mindfulness of communication may lead to a better level of sensitivity into worries and doubts adjoining dying and death (2015). Unique views about death and the loss of life from relatives, specialists and those dying will have an impact on moods and views when achieving communication.

Dissimilar types of communication encompass vocal or voiced communication through face-to-face, mobile phone or house phone, radio or TV and other mass media, non-verbal communication including body language, gestures, sign language, written communication through letters, e-mails, the internet or through different media, and conceptions which include graphs and symbols which can speak messages. Consequently suitable communication is essential and diverse stages of verbal communication will be essential to cope with unique circumstances and purposes, such as conferring illness and treatment, emotional help, funeral arrangements etc.

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