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Last updated: March 6, 2019

According to Amiruddin (2013), Air Asia’s customer service is still considered as low and unpleasing. In recent years, Air Asia has expanded their electronic online reservation system into different payment systems such as computer reservation system and billing and settlement plan channels rather than just using the direct sales channel. These systems have eased the customers in their reservation process. However, Hassan (2015) has reported that Air Asia’s customers have been facing problems recently during the online booking process.

Errors were keep popping up and customers could not reach the customer service hotline (Hassan, 2015).Thus, the services failure had lead Air Asia into undesirable consequences like customer anger, dissatisfaction, complain intention and etc. (Hanum, 2018). The arising of the issues was due to the lacking of focus on the enhancement of customer service by Air Asia.

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In order to maintain in a cost leadership position, Air Asia had been overlooked the quality of their customer service.To overcome this issue, Air Asia might improve on their e-service facilities and web based Customer Relationship Management. An IT professional crew may be recruited by Air Asia in order to superintend their e-commerce system and enhance the design of the web based. This IT professional crew will be responsible for reviewing and examining on the Air Asia’s e-commerce system and then identifies the issues and seek out for solutions and recommendations for the particular issue faced.

A user-friendly interface and fast website speed were considered as one of the factors that facilitate the booking of air ticket and results in customer satisfaction, favorable airline image in customer mind and improve the customer relationship management. Consequently, through offering superior service might enables Air Asia in gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors and also attain loyalty customer (Kalaiarasan et al., 2015)


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