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Last updated: February 14, 2020

According Merriam Webster Dictionary, relationship is the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other. We can’t deny the fact that a lot of students are engaged in romantic relationship at this point. Another thing we can’t deny is the significance of love (see page 3) in our lives.

Engaging in a romantic relationship means being ready to face all the consequences of it. Also, knowing how to properly mange our time when it comes to studies and our time with the relationship we are currently involved. This may seem difficult to many, so this article will help you to stop finding a hard time managing your studies at the same time being engaged in a relationship. First things first, we should have discipline within ourselves.

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We should be aware that entering in a relationship does not only require love, it requires time and so much of discipline within ourselves. Next thing we have to know is to have a list of priorities that we must always remember. Through that, students can focus on what is more important thing to do. Third, be sure that you know all your limitations as a couple. You can’t just ‘go with the flow’ when you’re in a relationship especially if you’re still studying at the same time. We have to set some things aside for those things that we think is more necessary to do. Last tip to remember is to seek advices to others particularly to our parents for they know more how the world works and how we can survive having a romantic relationship while still studying.

It’s hard to do two things at the same time, especially if those things are both important to us. Managing your time between studying and being in a relationship is really difficult, for it to be less difficult, we have to know what to do first and focus on the things that we think is more important. Last thing is to be disciplined with all our actions and have discipline within yourselves, because everything starts within ourselves. If we have that proper discipline within us, everything will just follow.


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