Topic: BusinessStrategy

Last updated: April 21, 2019

According from thebalancesmb ( thebalancesmb, 2018 ), In 2012, Amazon has acquired an automated and robotic warehousing company called Kiva Systems and now currently called as Amazon Robotics. The robots of Amazon Robotics since 2014 according fromClassic ( Classic, 2018), there are more than 100,000 Amazon Robotics in 25 Amazon warehouse worldwide and these robot is one of the main elements to Amazon great warehousing system. The use of the robots is that is almost the same strategy as non-robotics warehouse but the different is that in Amazon non-robotic warehouse is that the workers need to bring the goods to available storage space to be store but in Amazon robotics warehouse, the workers used the robots to bring the goods to them and store at the available storage space without bring the item along and in a non robotic warehouse the workers need to scan the item where is located so that the system know where the specific item is located but in a robotic warehouse, the robots has a small box to pick up the item from the shelves and shuffled with the other shelves to make more available space for when the system says has contains any available space. This method has being one of the key to having a fast delivery and making it more efficient as possible by placing an item when have available space.


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