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This Project Is Based On Flow Of Groom Auto And Platform Is Android. In Groom Auto Application Are Local Deleres With Us Complete Service Solution And All Separts Are Available For Maintance And Repaires With The Help Of Our Expert Techicins, Taking Care Of Care Of All Kinds Of Repairing And Servicing.
Main Purpose For This Application For Providing Free Car Pick Up In Local Deleres, Experienced Technician, Insurance Claims Help This Is Very Helpful Application.
We need local dealers support for project. We get many bad responses from local garerages and technical ,UI component.

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We dealing with multiple local car dealers in all over ahmedabad and we are supporting local car dealers and providing service to them.



Key Concepts:
1.1) Objectives

1.2) Scope

1.3) Limitations of Existing System

The real power of this project creation of tighter relationship with customers and delivering of high level of service, repair and support, which improves customer service after sales domain. This application is also provide to pay the insurance policy.
The local deleres are available in all car parts, repairing ,insurance are available.

1.2) Scope:
The scope of the report covers the status of floe of groom auto streamling technologies that have been developed and implemented all over the world and its marketing in India.
Flow of Groom auto project is on a mission to make bike servicing accessible, available, and affordable. We help busy personalities like working professional & Entrepreneurs to get their two wheelers serviced sitting at office, home or anywhere.We describe what features are in the scope of the software and what are not in the scope of the software to be developed
The future market of the technologies identify and investment require to be worked out.
Following are the points of scope:
In Scope:

a. Different type of service.
b. Simultaneously to renew or get insurance policy details.
c. Efficiently maintain the details about service type.

Out of Scope:

a. To get live status of bike servicing.
b. Different type of Payment mode.

1.3)Limitations of existing system:

? In existing system customer can find service center so that is totally waste of time & power.

? When provider can not serviced then customer find next option then he visit any website.

? Flow of Groom auto services application to digitalized maintenance system and reduce paper work and save time.

? Flow of Groom auto is already existing in php website and booking Service, Repair and Insurance.

Local dealers are available in all company car in the spare parts. Local dealers are work in the city vise. They will be also all company insurance are passed in the road accident. Local area vise will be 1 km in the local dealers are shop will be available.


Project Planning

Key Concepts:
2.1) Software Process Model
2.2) Tools and Technology
2.2.1) Hardware Requirement
2.2.2) Software Requirement
2.3) Team Organization
2.4) Time Line Chart

Our system uses Incremental model for software development. Following figure shows the figure of our system’s process model:

“The process that deals with technical and management issues of software development is called software process.”

? In a Project model the first phase is requirement gathering. In this phase you gathering all the related requirements of system what you are going to developed.

? Second phase is System analysis. The system analysis is “What is done, and How it is done” This is the most important and critical state of project or system.In this phase the basic requirements of the software must be understood by an Analyst.
o All the requirements are then well documented and discussed further with the client or end-user, for reviewing.

o After the analysis of system you will get the actual or real time problem of the system.

? Third phase is system design. This phase is between the analysis and implementation stages. In design phase you will design the project. It has some attributes such as:

o Data Structure
o Software architecture
o Interface representation
o Algorithm details
o The all requirements are translated in some easy to represents from using which coding can be done effecting and efficiently. The design needs to be documented for further use.

? Fourth phase is implementation. It is a step in which design is translated into software readable form. If design is done in sufficient detail then coding can be done effectively. programs are created in this phase. The coding is done with the help of some programming language. In our system we are using java as implementation language.

? Fifth phase is testing. It begins when coding is done. While performing testing the major focus is on logical internals of the software. It also ensures execution of all the paths, functional behaviors. If any error in your system occur ,it will detect that error and the fix the error and meet the customer requirements. There are many criteria for testing, like white box testing , black box testing ,etc.

? Sixth and last phase is maintenance. This is huge phase of this model. It maintain the system after deploying it on the particular space like any computer system.

This phase of the web development process deals with a brief study of different hardware
Used in the computerized system. There is a list of hardware materials used during the making and also during the use of the proposed system.
As the new system to be made into a computerized functional system, requirement of a computer is must and also needs to configure the google map and infrared sensor.
All the hardware needed here are generally the basic configuration of a typical computer. A list of the hardware requirement used in the system given below:

• RAM SIZE : ;4 GB
• Google map (Active Tag)

Along with the hardware, used in the system it requires software to make a system as
Well as to run a system with the computer hardware. Collection of different types of hardware into a specific type can form a computer but it cannot execute different process on its own. For efficient and proper working of any system software must be installed. This software may be in the form of operating system or application software. To make the system one also needs to use software.

To make the Transport Application Window up to date, I too have used certain software
This is listed below. The software used in the proposed system is the latest versions of them
And can give up-to-date and perfect result of every process in the system. This software
Comprises operating system and application software used in the system.

JSON:-JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write.
MySql:-MYSQL is used as a database at the webserver and PHP is used to fetch data from the database
Android studio:- is used as a database connectivity.
TECHNOLOGY :android studio
Tools : php,JVM, JRE, JDK,etc

Key Concepts:
3.1) Literature Survey:
? In India the vehicle inhabitance is increase at quicker rate than population growth. The flow in increasing vehicle and traffic is joined with car expansion and bring it with other challenging factors such as:
? In India, according to WHO (World Health Organization) read car accident in injuries are sixth foremost cause of death, carve up of hospitalization, death, and losses in young and middle age population.
? Sight seeing of local garages and meeting with local car dealers and surveying with them.
? Some tutorial and help of devlopers.
? Support with developer and developers site.
? We get many bad responses from local garerages and technical challenges ,UI design is also challenges for us.
? It is done by improving in expressways or in highways in average are good.
? The Indian peoples are not mostly aware to follow the traffic rules so car will be damaged.
? It is very important to perform the because:
o It saves the human life in car accident.
o It reduces the insurance amount at particular sector like at car ,etc.


System Analysis

Key Concepts:
4.1) Feasibility Study
4.1.1) Operational Feasibility
4.1.2) Technical Feasibility
4.1.3) Financial ; Economical Feasibility
4.1.4) Schedule Feasibility
4.2) Requirement Specification
4.2.1) Functional Requirements
4.2.2) Non-Functional Requirements

4.1)Feasibility Study:
Preliminary investigations examine project feasibility; the possibility the system will be useful to the organization. Three tests of feasibility-all equally important are studied as follow:
4.1.1) Operational Feasibility
Proposed projects are beneficial only if they can be turned into information systems that will meet the organization’s operating requirements. To know whether system will work when implemented, here are some points we will look when we market the product:
? Is there a sufficient support for the project from management? From users? Is there a reason for change? Do we have resistance from employees?
? Are current methods of business acceptable to users? If not they might welcome the change.
? We will try to involve users as much as possible through training to reduce chances of resistances.
? Most importantly assessment is done to assure that the proposed system will not cause harm or poor results in any respect or area and will not slow performance of any individual or organization.
4.1.2) Technical Feasibility
For end users they just require internet access. We are developing website and web application using most recent NetBeans 7.1.1, which uses java server. It is capable to store data and provide concurrent access to information and adequate responses accurately. Also we will try our system to make it as expandable as possible. We also provide reliability, ease of access, and data security.

4.1.3) Financial and Economic Feasibility
A software product needs to be a good investment for the organization. Financial benefits must equal or exceed the costs. We are examining the Costs of Other Multilevel system before and after installation of Textile Multilevel System. Also as for development cost we have sufficient programming Tools and knowledge base available.

4.1.4) Schedule Feasibility
Projects are initiated with specific deadline. We need to evaluate whether the deadlines are mandatory or desirable. Time is the one of the critical factor in the development of any system but this kind of feasibility is hardly perfect in any system.
We have been asked to complete the project within the one year of deadline(Final Year) within working days of the collages. Approximately we have 8-10 months periods. So we have to complete the project before this year.
Also we mention here five main types of end-user applications. Since we are providing planning and management tool, most of these facilities will be in-built in our system.
A. One-Time Inquiries.
B. Simple Reports.
C. Minor Changes to Reports or Inquiries.
D. Presentation of Data in Alternative Forms (graphs or charts etc.).
E. “What If” Analysis.

4.2) Requirement Specification
4.2.1) Functional Requirements
*Server side
? RAM: >4GB
? HDD:>1TB
? Processor: Xenon, i4, i5,i7
? php server

*Client side
? RAM:256MB
? HDD:40GB
? Processor:p4
? OS:MS windows xp,7,8

? NetBeans 7.1.1
? MS Office ,Visio ,Apache Server

? Front end: android studio
? Back end: my sql,json
? Back end language : Java, HTML,php

4.2.2) Non-Functional Requirements
? Allows only the authorized user to interact with the web application
? Information of developer and instruction for accessing web application
? Inform about rule breaker vehicles
? Recovery of forgotten password
? Scanner should read number plates properly
? Simple look & feel
? Fast response time
? Security to user accounts
? Easy enhancement
? Car all parts are available.


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