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AbstractPaternity leave or parental leave are only required if both of the parents are about to become a new parents or about to have a newborn child. Frequently, it is called parental leave or family leave, however not all countries offer parental leave, it depends where do a new parents work. For instance the USA is one of two, which does not provide parental leave, In comparison to, dads in the USA do not take any paternity leave. Most of the people consider that organizations or the companies or employer should allow fathers to obtain a paid paternity leave as most of the women have. You need to ponder about this current point as not all companies allow or offer paid paternity leave. Therefore, in this article authors will be discussed about the reason why should fathers be allowed to take leave of absence in order to form initial bond with their new born babies and should they get paid while paternity leave? Likewise the article aims to explain to the reader why it is efficient to have paternity leave, what are the rules and procedures.

First of all, paternity leave is impactful to the way men associate with their infants, according to the scientists fathers who take approximately one or two weeks of paternal leave perhaps will continuously be involved in child taking care activities, such as feeding and diapering. Although paternity leave processed as a matter that really matters to workingwomen, however paid paternal leave is also critically important for dads. This policy could ensure fathers to have encouragement they need in order to range their family commitments, while also meeting work demands, can considerably increase the personal or economic well-being of other families.

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Longer leaves, and especially paternity leave of couple of weeks or months may elevate parent child bonding, improve outcomes for children. Paid paternal leave for parents, provides a real advantage to working families.


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