Topic: BusinessIndustry

Last updated: February 25, 2019

Tourism industry is one of the largest service industries in the world. Tourism industry is one of the successful business sectors in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is one of the famous tourism destinations in global map. It is a land of natural attractions. It has millions of friendly people and more than thousands of cultural heritage site.
Bangladesh tourism industry faces some problems in every one or two years later for political unrest. For political inconsistency the arrival of foreign tourists and also the movement of domestic ones have stop. For this reason the occupancy rate is increase in hotels, motels, rest house, guest house etc. And it has a great impact on our total economy in our country. So the purpose of the study is to identifying what are the problems for the political inconsistency on tourism industry in Bangladesh.
For the political inconsistency situation I found some problems for the tourism industry in Bangladesh. They are the security problem and for that tourist can not come to visit our country. And another is GDP become lower day by day.
The way of overcome this situation we need the support of government. We need to control and stop inconsistency situation in politics and ensuring proper security for the tourist.


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