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Last updated: March 6, 2019

About the MBTIMBTI tests are in the form of a series of questions. It is devised to find out whether the test taker would react or feel in different situations.

The subject taking the test will be classified as:1. More extroverted (E) or more introverted (I)2. Prefers to make his decisions through thinking (T) or feeling (F), 3. Prefers to gather information through sensing (S) or intuition (I), and 4. Prefers to organize his sense of the world through perceiving (P) or judging (J). The test allocates a four-letter system to designate personality types. As an example, a person with an MBTI type of ISFP is an introvert who functions through sensing, feeling and perceiving. All the types are also designated a particular title or model.

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For example, ISFP would be the “artist.”Purpose of the MBTIThe primary aim of the MBTI is to help people understand themselves more completely by understanding what their own preferences and tendencies are, and to help them work better with others through understanding that different people have different personalities. For example, an individual with an MBTI type of ISFJ may have difficulties working with an ENTP, but through understanding that different individuals have different views of the world, that individual can work around their differences.


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