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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Abortion is a gruesome procedure and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Suction aspiration, is one of the most popular methods of abortion where a forceful vacuum with a sharp knife is stabbed into the mothers womb via the cervix. Forcefulness of the vacuum sucks, and tears apart the body of the developing baby, ripping the placenta of the uterus, while squeezing and removing blood, bones, brains, organs, tissues and liquids, into a container. Throughout this process, damage can also be done to the women herself with common complications including a torn uterus. A further option is called Dilatation and Curettage, where a steel knife is again stabbed into the womb to serperate and tear the baby’s body into pieces.

The remains are then removed from the uterus. This process offers a high risk of infection as well as blood loss and the potential stabbing of the women’s own parts. If being sucked into a garbage can or being stabbed doesn’t suit you, there’s also an option of poison. The RU 486 is a type of chemically induced abortion. In our world we see chemical attacks being responded to by bombs, yet not in other chemical attacks such as abortion. The woman is uterus is condensed forcing the baby to separate and disintegrate from the uterus. A later visit to the abortionist will determine if it was successful or if further surgery is needed to finish the job. So in other words, if the baby is strong enough and survives being poisoned you can further torture it more so that this time it dies for.

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Methotrexate is similar to starvation and is an injection into the muscles which attacks the babies growing cells disallowing food or fluids to the body in which it the fetus will later die. The most gruesome form of abortion is Dilatation and Evacuation which uses sharp metal claws to grasp parts of the baby and rip them apart. To extend, the skull with a developing brain inside is then crushed to the bone. In some form of justice, the mother will now experience excessive bleeding.

The tease method is called Partial Birth Abortion which is put into practice on babies who are close to being ready to come out. The doctor is to grab the baby from its legs and push the body into the birth canal. The head remains out and is rammed with scissors so that it no longer functions. Again, it is then sucked away and removed from the uterus. Rather than being slayed, the child can be safely born in a hospital, and later taken care of by others, or put up for adoption by people who want and appreciate this Gift of God.

This way, no life is lost, no mother feels pain or aftereffects, and the baby can still experience the beauty of our world.


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