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Last updated: November 11, 2019

A very good morning/afternoon to the respected and beloved lecturers as well as my fellow friends.

Today, I am honored to be given the opportunity to deliver my speech here. On this glorious morning/afternoon, I would like to share some tips on “Ways I should promote tourism in Malaysia”. Malaysia is a land that has been bestowed with greenery, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and rivers.

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Its natural landscape itself is a great attraction for foreigners. Malacca has a nickname which is Malacca Historical City and Penang where is a food paradise is regarded as the Pearl of the Orient. Both of these places almost attract more than thousands of travelers and visitors.

Therefore, several exotic places in Malaysia has been visited and travelled by millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Although there is a lot of tourists visit to our country every year, the total of tourist visited is still considered very less than previous year. According to the statistics given by Tourism Malaysia Head Office, we know that the total tourists’ arrivals to Malaysia in year 2017 is 25.95 million and 26.76 million in year 2016.

From the statistics, we can conclude that the arrivals have fluctuated and decreased year by year.First and foremost, I would like to introduce the interesting places online. We can promote the places where we find in interesting and beautiful such as beaches and mountains. There is a lot of tourists’ destinations in Malaysia that Pangkor Island in Perak, Langkawi in Kedah, Tanjung Piai in Johor, Kinabalu mountain in Sabah. We can also promote to those pen-pal friends and foreigners who interest to come to visit Malaysia in holiday.Next, I would involve myself in the tour club Malaysia.

Joining in the tour club can train us to be a tour guide when somebody wants to visit Malaysia. We can know the history of Malaysia deeply so that we can explain to the tourists when they wonder anything about Malaysia. It can increase the good impression of being Malaysia tour guide in the eyes of the foreign tourists.Last but not least, I would also promote the Malaysian cuisine. Malaysia is a country that people lived with different races.

Being a multi-cultural country, Malaysians have over the years adapted each other’s dishes to suit the taste buds of their own culture. Different races cook different types of food. Malay food such as nasi lemak, rendang, satay, curry and keropok lekor. Chinese food such as bak kut teh, char kway teow, Ipoh white coffee and Hainanese chicken rice. Indian food such as roti canai, chapathi, thosai and mee rebus. For those Sabahan, their food reflects the ethnic diversity of its population and this is very eclectic.

For example, Beaufort Mee and Ngiu Chap. Sarawakian food is quite distinct from the regional cuisines of the Peninsular Malaysia, which their most important spice is pepper. For example, Laksa Sarawak and Nasi goreng dabai.

Peranakan cuisine, which is also called Nyonya food can be considered as a blend of Chinese and Malay cooking. For example, acar and nyonya chap chye. All of the food taste good and nice to all of the people and this can attract the tourists to come to Malaysia to explore all of these special foods.In a nutshell, we should promote tourism of Malaysia to the international level. It is because promotion of Malaysia can also help expand the tourism business of the Malaysia.

We should also maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the places as well as the culture of Malaysia such as keep the smiling on the face. By doing this, we can make the foreigners feel more comfortable as if they are travelling in their own country.


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