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Last updated: October 25, 2019

a unit manager, I already have some participation in safeguarding investigation.

I managed to work in partnership with the local safeguarding team and police investigation. I’ve also participated in a series of CQC inspection. The Home also working in partnership with the Hounslow’s Safeguarding team.

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As unit manager you should be fully involved in any safeguarding investigation. In general, the result of working in partnership with other organization is that the client is the center of the care. The vulnerable adults have been given the appropriate actions for any safeguarding issues. It also creates transparency between the staff, organization and the service users.

Thinking about safeguarding, as a way of working is the key to developing a safe organization. Safeguarding is also a part of personalized care. They have given a choice and control over their lives and much less likely to be victims of abuse. Through safeguarding, it creates a high level of awareness of potential abuse.


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