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Last updated: February 2, 2019

A sound of Thunder and Nethergrave Essay A sound of Thunder written by Ray Bradbury and Nethergrave written by Gloria Skurzynski are both science fiction stories. A sound of Thunder involved Dinosaurs and going in a time machine. The time machine was built to go into the jungle millions of years ago. Jeremey, the main character in Nethergrave gets stuck in the virtual world instead of staying in real time after having a lonely day and doing things that were embarrassing.

The climax for Nethergrave was when Jeremey’s online friends sent him a message telling him to turn on his microphone but didn’t tell him why. He decided to go into the virtual world where he knew that he hoped he wouldn’t be bullied and ignored and that people would actually like him for who he is. The climax for A sound of Thunder is when the people came back from the jungle. The Differences that I noticed in each story was that A sound of Thunder is science fiction meaning things happened in 2255AD and in Nethergrave the story takes place as a fictional world. I was really interested in reading Nethergrave because it was more realistic then A Sound of Thunder was.

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It took me a little longer to read A Sound of Thunder because it wasn’t really interesting to me because I am not a big fan of Dinosaurs and what happened years ago. In conclusion, I would really recommend everyone read Nethergrave because it seems like this is what could really happen in the future with all the new technology that is going on and everyone is using electronics more and more. A time machine would be fun to do but not as interesting as seeing into the future


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