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Last updated: September 15, 2019

“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner starts off at the funeral of Emily she was an elderly Southern woman. It then continues to talk about her weird behaviors throughout the years she lived. She never went out and was never married so she died alone.Part one talks about the reason of why Emily died alone, it talks about her father and how he turned down all the men that wanted to be with her.

By the time her father died there were no men that wanted to be with her which is the reason she was alone. Due to what her father did to her the town felt bad because back then women were seen married and having kids but not for Emily. As for part two the town felt bad for the death of Emily’s father that when they went to express their condolences she had told everyone that her father was not dead. When Emily said that to the town I became very confused and didn’t know what she meant by that. After her father’s death it talks about him leaving Emily only the house.

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In part three Emily begins to change physically she is spotted buying a arsenic from her local pharmacy. As the people of the towns see her they think that she is going to kill herself. Emily was known for not having great communication with her community.

Emily later on becomes friendly with Homer Barron who was a laborer as they connect the town becomes happy to see that she is finally connecting with someone around her. Homer reveals to Emily that he does not want to marry. So as the time pass Homer is seen entering Emily’s house and never leaving. This leaves the town in curiosity as to what happened to Homer.

Once Emily dies and she is buried the town enter her house and notice that one of the doors are locked and they see Homer’s corpse


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