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Last updated: February 3, 2019

A roller coaster have ups and downs with turns and curves which is a good representation of how my live went. I had my ups and downs, trying to get better but then get worse and i feel my life is like a roller coaster for the most part. When I was younger I was different, I thought older than the other kids and so I didn’t like most of them at my school in elementary and middle school. For me school in elementary was hard, I didn’t like to read and I didn’t understand most of the subjects there. I was dyslexic and had ADHD. So I was out into special classes and people made fun of me for that. Every so often I would go to different classes to take test and in the first grade they found out I had disabilities.

After I was held back and throughout elementary school I was behind. In middle school at first I was in special ed classes and that’s where I decided to change. I worked and started to read and next thing you know I was taken out of the classes and put into regular classes. I got straight A’s and all my teachers liked me. I was put into better classes and I was asked if I wanted to go into avid because I was good at all my classes and had straight A’s. I didn’t really talk to anyone so it gave me time to study and read.

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I had straight A’s in middle school, never late and always on time to my classes because I wasn’t as social as everyone else. When I got into highschool it wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t intended to go into band but I was curious about and here I Am today still in it. As for my classes, the teachers were different and I was no longer a straight A students but more of C’s and D’s. The teachers were both nice and mean but mostly mean and I didn’t really understand the work, sure I got better at my disabilities but I didn’t get over them. I fell back and got worse at my classes with now D’s and F’s with being late to all my classes because I couldn’t focus. That was my freshman year and now i’m a junior, i’m seeing A’s now and the classes are getting better kinda but i’m doing better than I once did. For me it’s like a roller coaster, i’m not doing good and then i’m good and suddenly i’m back to square one again.

I try to do the best I can and try to figure out what I can do to be good. So far i’m doing better, I’m the section leader of the trombones and I love band. I hope it’ll stay like this even after I graduate.


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