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Last updated: June 5, 2019

A person’s life is a journey filled with happiness, sadness, and fear while the direction is created by the people, places, experiences, and situations. It does not matter if someone takes an action in your life for instant or forever, each and every one helps to guide our journey by helping to know who we are and whom we will become. These relationships show us many implements (that we will need along the way.) A relation is just a word but is a great importance. They have affected you in one or another way which is the reason for the person you are today. It has been a while since I have been asking myself about: how am I the person I am today or will be in the future?I was born and raised up in Norway by two loving parents who valued truth and honesty.

They always told me that to be honest, and deal with your problems is much more better than to lie and avoid conflicts. I learned what they meant at the age of 12. There was a day when I lied to my parents that I am going to hang out with my friends on the playground. I went out and arrived home few minutes back. Guess what happened. I fell down on the ground and suffered a sharp injury on my legs. When my parents asked what happened, I had to tell the truth, that I was actually going to the town with my friend.

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I told them, and they were really disappointed. They explained clearly that I should have said the truth. This has made a very big impact on who I am today. By telling the truth, you will not get into a morally wrong issue. It helps a person to get trust and respect from other. It was also a good thing for me. My parents taught me how I should be, since I was a little kid. I had to be mature at a really young age.

Most of the time when I go out and meet people, they believe I am older than I actually am, which becomes delightful when I tell them my real age. I was matured and bold at a young age and this helped me a lot throughout my life. I was able to enjoy my life because i never know how short it can be. My mom is the one I have best relationship with.

She is actually my best friend. Together, my mom and dad have turned me into a fighter to achieve success and taught me to believe in myself. Their responsibility and fidelity towards me and each other has worked as an example of what healthy relationships should be like, and I love and appreciate them for that.


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