A Modern Method Of Generating Electricity By Smart Wind Tree

Ms. Aher M.H. *1, Ms. Avhad R.V.2, Ms. Chaudhari S.A. 3 Prof. Pawar S.D.4

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1 BE Students, Department of Electrical Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India

2 BE Students, Department of Electrical Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India

3 BE Students, Department of Electrical Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India

4Assistant Prof., Department of Electrical Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India *1[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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Dynamic “Vitality can nor be made nor be devastated however it can exchanged starting with one shape then onto the next frame”. The man made tree are produced using plastic material, Aluminum or GI sheet. The manufactured tree is developed in such way that the few leaf molded aeroleaves are put as tree called wind tree. The plastic leaves or GI sheet (which fill in as turbine edges) are painted green its resemble a typical leaf yet it put in vertically way. Wind Tree utilizes small cutting edges housed in the air leaves to produce control from wind vitality. The power age does not rely upon wind heading. In this framework we have utilized tree molded structure leaf formed scaled down turbines called air takes off. These turbines are of savonius write turbine and it will get the breeze from all headings. At the point when the breeze blows, the leaf turbines pivot and discreetly create the vitality. As the pivot of the turbine take put it incites emf in generator. It presumes that, the power produced from wind tree is ecological well disposed, it doesn’t create any sort of green house gases, essentially it produces control with minimum clamor and it can be introduced at various areas.

Watchwords – Vertical hub wind turbine, Savonius compose, Aeroleaves


Wind vitality is the quickest developing wellspring of clean vitality around the world. This is halfway because of the expansion in cost of non-renewable energy sources. Wind is a characteristic asset and can be saddled as an elective vitality. Wind vitality is a decent decision to supplement for fossil vitality requests. Other than that, wind vitality is a spotless, plenteous and can diminish the a worldwide temperature alteration issue because of the intemperance of customary burning with air helped forms. Inexhaustible and feasible vitality inquire about has pulled in much consideration with the expanding hole between the requests and supply of fuel as of late.

Vitality: Energy is the limit of a physical framework to perform work.

Grouping of vitality

It is comprehensively arranged into

1. Ordinary vitality is by and by for long length of time and entrenched innovation is accessible to tap and utilize them,

e.g. Coal, oil, flammable gas, hydro control, atomic power and so on.

2. Non-traditional vitality source can be utilized with advantage for control age and additionally different applications in a substantial

Number of areas and circumstances. These vitality sources can’t be effectively put away and utilized helpfully. Eg. Sun oriented, wind, Tidal and geothermal and so on.

In view of nature, vitality sources are delegated

1. Sustainable power sources are unlimited and are recharged by nature itself. Sun powered, wind, tidal, hydro and biomass are couple of cases.

2. Non-sustainable power sources are modest inside an unequivocal timeframe relying on its use. Non-renewable energy sources (coal, Oil, gas) and atomic fills are couple of cases.

As the interest for sustainable power source develops, the utilization of little breeze turbines is progressively appealing. In this task wind is utilized for age of power. Wind vitality is a wellspring of inexhaustible power which is accessible in environment at free of cost and originates from all headings. Wind control plants can influence a noteworthy commitment to the local power to supply broadening. Wind vitality framework changes the dynamic vitality of the breeze into electrical vitality that can be utilized for down to earth utilize. Wind electric turbines are utilized to create power. There are two essential outlines of wind electric turbine, Horizontal hub wind turbine and Vertical pivot wind turbine. Vertical pivot wind turbine can additionally ordered into two sorts Darrieus write and Savonius compose. Darrieus compose rotor wind process needs substantially less surface territory. It is molded like an egg mixer

what’s more, has a few cutting edges formed like air foils. Savonius turbine is S-formed if saw from top. This turbine turns moderately moderate, yet yields high torque.

In this task we utilize Savonius compose vertical pivot wind turbine and these turbines are discover the breeze originating from each of the 360 degrees, and even a few turbines are fueled when the breeze blows start to finish. Due to this flexibility, vertical pivot wind turbines are believed to be perfect for establishments where wind conditions are not predictable, or because of open statutes the turbine can’t be put sufficiently high to profit by enduring breeze. Wind tree is outlined as same as tree and it works noiselessly. It is little in tallness and furthermore the sizes of sharp edges are little. Furthermore, this breeze tree comprises of Aero leaves that houses minor cutting edges which can create power even in the smallest breeze speed.


The fundamental goal of this venture is that joining of more sustainable power source to the power framework.

Outline of another model of age of power utilizing the breeze vitality produced by the breeze tree.

The objective of this task is to create the power at low breeze speed by utilizing the vertical pivot wind turbine. The savonius write vertical pivot wind turbine creates a power at generally low breeze speed as contrast with flat hub wind turbine.

The primary goal of this undertaking is picking up control from wind. Hence, this undertaking is green Source of vitality and has no impact on the life of earth. These breeze vitality turbines are little and can create up to 300 watts.

Find out about breeze vitality and distinctive methods for change over it to a valuable power.

Take in the diverse between Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT).

Take in the effect of vitality and our tenets as designing understudies to give choices.



Wind turbine outline parameters are as per the following

1. Cleared territory : The cutting edge cleared zone can be ascertained as

Cleared area= 2RL

R= span of the rotor in meter

L= length of the breeze cutting edges in meter



S= 2*(14*10-2)*(12*12-2)


2. Power – : Power accessible from twist for vertical hub wind turbine

Pw=1/2 ?SVo3

VO =velocity of the breeze (m/s)… … (6m/s)

? =air thickness (kg/m3)… … . (1.125kg/m3)


Pw = 4.44528

3. Power coefficient-: The power coefficient is the level of energy got by the breeze turbine

through the cleared territory of the turbine sharp edges.

CP = (Captured Mechanical power by edges)/(Available power in wind)

CP = 0.245 (24.57 from standard power coefficient)

4. Tip to speed proportion :

TSR= (Tangential speed at cutting edge Tip)/(Actual breeze speed)

= (R*?)?V0

= ?ND?(60*V0)

W= rakish speed (rad/sec)

R= rotor sweep in meter

VO = surrounding wind speed

N=40rpm D=28*10-2

= (?*40*(28*10-2))/(60*6)

= 2

5. Number of cutting edges : For ease of building

Edge of cutting edges from rotor = 450

Tallness of turbine = 15cm

Framework DESIGN

Parts of Proposed System:-

Following are the principle segments required for the undertaking;

1. Savonius write turbine

2. Generator.

3. Charge controller.

4. Battery.

5. Assistant supply.

6. Load.


Schematic outline of the breeze tree framework is appeared in fig.1. In this idea wind vitality is utilized to produce power with the assistance of Aeroleaves. Wind is accessible in the environment at free of cost it is spotless and economical fuel source, it doesn’t make discharges and it will never run out as it is always recharged by vitality from the sun. The Aeroleaves are made of fiber and formed into determined shape in light of the necessity. The aeroleaves shape like leaf yet are put in vertically and painted green shading. The ‘AT’ speaks to aeroleaf turbine. The ‘G’ speaks to generator. We are utilizing the generator which will be equivalent to the quantity of Aeroleaves. This model primarily takes a shot at the standard of “Faradays law of electromagnetic induction?, which expresses that “At whatever point a conductor is set in a differing attractive field (Or conductor is moved in an attractive field) an EMF gets incited in the conductor”. An EMF is initiated because of the relative movement between the turning armature and attractive field because of field curl. Each aeroleaves alongside generators are associated in arrangement, so the produced voltage will get included. This came about yield is given to the battery and put away it and after that it is utilized to drive the heap.

The states of the sharp edges are aerofoil compose because of that the scoops encounters less drag while moving against the breeze than while moving with the breeze. For the age of power from the planned, we picked a dynamo which is limit 12V.

After the generator we utilize ‘CC’ speaks to charge controller. The charge controller is there to avoid harm to the batteries. On the off chance that the batteries are close to full charge, however the breeze is blowing emphatically, the charging current should be decreased to counteract harm to the battery. The 1 Amp diode connect rectifier is utilized. The charge controller will redirect some power from the generator far from the battery and into a dump stack. The ‘AS’ represen


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