A habit is a behavior that continues to build overtime. It can be good or bad. Did you know that an emotional eater is associated with poor eating patterns? An emotional eater is a person who uses food to cope with certain feelings. Triggers can be negative or positive emotions, such as stress, anger, boredom, happiness and excitement. These feeling can occur even when a person is not hungry. Oftentimes, an emotional eater will want high-carbohydrate or high-calorie foods. They might crave for sweet, salty, or greasy foods. Choosing to eat loads of junk foods is very unhealthy. Over a period of time a habit we constantly use, tends to be harder to get rid of. I believe that habits are not worth risking your health over. Overeating prevents you from losing weight and causes obesity, high blood pressure and fatigue. First and foremost, when a person can’t control their eating habits and they prefer to eat high sugar and fat foods, results are most likely to be a huge amount of weight gain and obesity. Most obese people are adults and children who overeat because of stress-related or emotional eating. In addition, massive weight around your body puts you in greater risk for high blood pressure. Because of extra fat tissue, your heart needs to work harder to get blood pumping through-out the body. High blood pressure can also develop when consuming foods with a large amount of salt in them. Lastly, Fatigue is also a side effect caused by poor eating habits and it is because your body doesn’t get enough nutrients from unhealthy foods. When the body is lacking nutrients, you will start feeling tired and low on energy.
In conclusion, emotional eating can be a nasty habit which can lead to many health issues or even death. Overcoming a bad habit can be challenging and might take some time, but it’s never too late to change your life for the better to live happy and healthy.


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