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Last updated: March 30, 2019

A graduate who completes all the required courses in his or her associate degree or diploma program and achieves a program cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above will graduate with high honours. Students who have attained this program GPA will be recognized as honours students and will receive gold cords to be worn during the commencement program According to Doyle (2000) academics are a different group of individuals, bound together by a common suspicion about the motives of the college administration and a missionary eagerness to share the wonders of their disciplines with all who venture their way. Moreover, a common objective is certainly in the early stages of a career, is to be the best, and to be associated with a department, a college, a university that shares this vision. Indeed, it would be a strange individual who aspires to be second rate, to devote a life and career to being an ordinary part of a group of also-rans. Yet excellence, though easy to define, is a difficult state to achieve and it is the most unstable state of a dynamic equilibrium.

The essays that follow are personal reflections on the pursuit of excellence, written by individuals from highly diversified backgrounds who have laboured in different settings and have followed distinctive paths toward a common objective. For example, If you take the time to examine institutions that have achieved a significant measure of distinction, a common thread emerges. Almost totally, positive changes occurred as a result of the conviction and determination of a single individual. The pursuit of excellence requires a champion who will demonstrate through personal example and commitment how important goals can be articulated, how the necessary resources can be assembled, and how true scholarship enhances the educational experiences of students and faculty alike. He also hopes that the sharing of these experiences may be useful to those of you with similar goals

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