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Last updated: February 27, 2019

A fire brigade uses democratic leadership as they get clear instruction by the team leader. The reason why the fire team have a democratic leadership is because when there a fire where there can be casualties hurt. Having an authoritarian leadership in the fire service is very necessary as it could be life and death situation. The fire team leader give time for his member to say there opinion then after the team leader makes his final decision.

Having a democratic leadership is a fast-quick way to solve a situation as there is one member that’s giving order which everyone must follow. Another thing is the fire service have a team leader who can motivate the team is very common for a democratic leadership. Having the team leader motivate the team gives a lot of positive as you can help people faster before they get hurt. When service men and women are motivated you can work well better and have positive outcomes.

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A positive of motivating each other in a democratic style is everyone has respect which produce high quality work when everyone works together. Another thing is the fire team do not work in tight deadlines as this can put the fire team in danger. Working on tight deadline will make it a lot easier when a situation occurs, and you need to rescue people form buildings very fast.An army uses an authoritarian leadership style because they Sargent want to control as much powers as he or she can.

A common trait that an authoritarian can have is being bossy and loud which describe a Sargent. Sergeants want to have as much power as he or she can because they want everyone in the team needs to listen to instructions that they give. Another thing is in the army you are working in a team where each member motivates each other. This style includes telling and guiding the team with out any decisions and debates about it.

The solders must listen and accept what the sergeant has said. Another thing is you will work in a tight deadline to finish an activities or task. The reason why they work in tight deadlines is because there can be an emergency where they need too work under pressure to finishes there task.

The Laissez-faire leadership style is also called a hand off, this means the team members have more power then the leader. This is because the team makes the choices and have all the responsibilities when completing an activity. An example of a Laissez-faire is a crime investigation when the leader sends the team to a crime and they investigate how they want as it is there choice, as they have been trained and know what to do. Another thing is they are experienced in what they do meaning they do not need to have a person supervising them while there working making it more independent. The positive of not having to obey someone else is law is that you get to show your skill and how you work by yourself. A negative is that a lot of people struggle to accomplish task as it is very difficult when no one gives you guides.

Laissez-faire is only good when a team is motivated and work well together because they will share ideas of how they should overcome obstacles when accomplishing tasks.


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