A Day at the Beach Park
If you’re looking to get away from the city and experience a beach that is a bit more “rural Hawaii,” Nanakuli Beach Park is a must-see. On any given day of the week you’ll find that the majority of beachgoers here are locals and with plenty of parking, huge grassy park areas, and a long, wide stretch of beach, it rarely feels over-crowded. Nanakuli Beach Park stretches across 40 acres and features several parking lots, picnic areas, a playground, plenty of grassy space for ball games, campsites, and the rambling, wild beauty of Oahu’s leeward coast. Growing up nearly a street away I spent most of my leisure time here.
Mynabirds chirping gleeful songs of cheer, waves crashing upon the shoreline, children laughing and playing are just to name a few of the harmonious sounds that greet you at the entrance. Walking along the cemented paved sidewalk you can sense the history of those that have walked the path before you. The sidewalk looked as though an elephant it stiletto’s had tottered down it causing great cobwebs of cracks. Weeds flourished in the broad cracks, bringing splashes of unwelcome green to the city grey.


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