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Last updated: January 23, 2019

A critical aspect of conserving the ICH is to conduct proper documentation of ICH.

Currently, data and information on intangible cultural heritage are spread among different government agencies and private organizations. Mostly, the accumulative information on ICH through these different agencies and organizations websites are in the form of HTML files while in the agencies and organization itself the data are in tabular or text format. These types of information are unorganized and it is very time-consuming for end-users such as tourists to extract information about specific types of ICH in Malaysia. Other than that, it is important to take a note that ICH data have both spatial and non-spatial attributes. In Malaysia, there is no website that centrally maintained and provides detail ICH information such as the personal information of practitioners and entrepreneur (name, address, phone number, and etc); location of ICH practice; and methods and equipment used for each type of ICH.

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