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Last updated: January 27, 2019

A cafeteria is kind of food provision place in which people may select from available food items. Customers take the food they require as they walk aong. It is one of the most crowded place in any institution .

Cafeteria not only serves as a place to provide foods for eating but also take care of students ‘health as a large proportions of students eat daily from their institution’s café. So,this should be a place where everything must be in perfect condition from available food items to the environment of the café. The mismanagement in any kind of sustenance might cause a bad effect on the health of the one who eats food from the café.This report clearly depicts the present condition of cafeteria, working procedures and a new proposal of Cafeteria system to surpass the existing condition. In this report the current problems are discussed thoroughly, how students view their cafe and also their opinion about it.

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Here the key postulates are also given to improve the present condition of cafe to make it improved system. The problems like limited food choices, infrastructure, serving and the environment of the café are taken under consideration. It also provides an analysis of student opinion regarding food services, as well as recommending a direction for improving those services. Methods of data collection include a broad-based opinion survey of the certain departments of the university.Final analysis were made through interviews and circulation of questionnaires within the boundaries of the university.

Responses to the survey were summarized into thefollowing themes • Variety of Foods• Quality of Healthy Foods• Greater Emphasis on Sustainability • HygieneSome enchanting features which in future could be applied in the premises of the café are also provided .It includes cafe spaces, addition of required facilities, good training for staffs, cooks, good discipline for them, regular food quality


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