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-2413021590 Gears00 GearsTravel Backpack Jcc+ Baseball cap Jcc+ T- shirt Jcc+ Tote Bag552450958215Product line length0Product line lengthcenter186690PRODUCT MIX OF OnePlus020000PRODUCT MIX OF OnePlus-1714503348355-1809751015365360934076771534290076771500right634365product mix width00product mix widthBL to produce limited edition sets of the OnePlus One and JBL E1+ earphones. As one of the leading audio brands in the world with almost 70 years of legendary innovations and a Co-BrandingThe partnership between two or more brands to market their individually produced goods or services. The association benefits in the promotion of both the brands.

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OnePlus, the Chinese giant, has co-branded with five different brands which are listed below:OnePlus X JBL: JBL is a 70-year-old, leading audio brand dealing in loudspeaker, earphones and such associated electronics. Considering the achievements and brand image of JBL, OnePlus partnered with JBL to produce limited edition sets of the OnePlus One and JBL E1+ earphones.OnePlus 3T x Colette: OnePlus, on the 20eth Anniversary of Colette, launched all-black edition of OnePlus 3T with Colette logo engraved on its back. The collaboration with this Parisian retailer was done to push the boundaries between fashion and technology.OnePlus 5 x jcc+: OnePlus, with an idea of combining art, fashion and technology, teamed up with Jean-Charles de Castel bajac, a fashion designer, to produce OnePlus 5 JCC+. The limited edition was an artistic version of OnePlus 5.OnePlus 5T x Star Wars: OnePlus partnered with Lucas Films to celebrate the release of the Star Wars Saga- The Last Jedi and its anniversary in India.

For this limited edition, OnePlus also changed its tagline from “Never Settle” to “Strong Enough to Rule the Galaxy” and featured the Star Wars logo in Red on the back of the phone.OnePlus 6 x Avengers Infinity Wars: In collaboration with the Hollywood blockbuster Franchisee Marvel Studios, OnePlus 6 was launched. This Edition pays tribute to the lineup superheroes and features the groundbreaking innovation in technology by OnePlus.a natural choice2. Pricing Strategy:With the launch of OnePlus 6T, there has been a buzz on the price, color and model variants of the phone and comparison with its previous launches.

OnePlus 6T, right now is the most affordable high-end phone available in India with 16+20MP camera, Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM and minimum 128GB storage. In India, the pricing of the latest base model starts from 37,999 with is costlier than OnePlus 6 (34,999), the previous base model price.Although, OnePlus crossed its 35000-price mark through the variants of OnePlus 5 itself, yet, it is the first time that the base model has also gone beyond this price mark. There has been a lot of evolution in the launch events as wellThe pricing strategy of OnePlus is basically inclined towards the geographical market as it varies from country to country. This differentiation in price is an outcome of various variable factors such as taxes, operating costs etc. Yet, OnePlus succeeds at providing the best specifications, superior quality and design to the customers at disruptive prices.The company has been successful in positioning its brand.3.

Evaluate the promotion mix followed by the firm and suggest suitable modifications.The Promotions Mix.The elements of the promotions mix are:Personal Selling.OnePlus’s most notable marketing tactic was to begin by only selling its phones to customers who received an invite from the company, granting them permission to buy. Invites are handed out through various promotions and competitions, while OnePlus owners can also share invites with their friends.The brand has reached a sales volume where it can phase out the invite-only model, but this word-of-mouth strategy has earned OnePlus a cachet among tech enthusiasts, enabling it to build a community of committed customers that generate online excitement about the brand and its products.

OnePlus sold 1.5 million phones globally in its first year of trading – a result that, while tiny in industry terms, greatly exceeded the expectations of Pei and the fellow Chinese tech workers with whom he founded the business.Pei explains that the viral impact of the invite system was an unintended – but happy – consequence of the company’s desire to grow slowly in order to focus on product development. By carefully controlling the demand for its phones, the company is able to keep track of its inventory levels and avoid over-investing in products that it cannot later sell. This, Pei argues, sets OnePlus apart from many of the big smartphone makers that invest millions in marketing to compensate for mediocre, mass-produced products.Public Relations.

Pei believes several consumer trends are combining to attract more customers to OnePlus, such as the rise of online-only businesses and the desire among young people “to show they are unique and find brands that they identify with”. OnePlus’s largest country market is India at present, but Europe also accounts for a significant portion of its sales, followed by the US and China.Advertising.Social media promotions are one of OnePlus’s main tools for raising brand awareness. The company has employed an unusual ‘invite policy’ that requires people to receive an invite – either from a OnePlus employee or an existing phone owner – to buy the product. The key aim is to allow OnePlus to match its inventory levels to demand, but it has also given the business an ability to execute digital marketing campaigns as tech enthusiasts scramble to get invites.OnePlus has continued to tap into this viral effect with subsequent campaigns, including social media promotion ‘Smash the past’ that asked people to upload videos of themselves smashing their old phones for a chance to get an invite. Pei explains that such campaigns help OnePlus to grow its community of owners and fans – and to differentiate it from the bigger rivals.

Sales PromotionDirect MarketingReferences: Evaluate the distribution strategy adopted by the firm and suggest modifications, if any.In order to market its products, OnePlus makes use of the methodology of Lean Startup which is Build, Measure and Learn. Unlike its other competitors who make use of the traditional strategies of advertising its products, OnePlus decided to cut its advertising costs to make its products available to its customers at a comparatively lower cost.

The various marketing and distribution strategy used by OnePlus are:•Invite Strategy – This strategy created a buzz among the customers. On every launch of its new products, OnePlus would throw a launch party where the employees, associates and various other invitees would come and unbox its product. This resulted in people to people promotions which allowed various other people to engage with its products. Thus, it helped the company to set up its customer base.•Collaborated with Amazon, Air Asia and Ola- In its initial stages, OnePlus only sold its products online through Amazon India via flash sales.

With Amazon, OnePlus was able to sell 20000 cellphones in a very short span of time. This mode of marketing also created a sense of buzz among consumers. It also helped Oneplus in producing an optimum quantity of the product to match the demand which was created in the market. Furthermore, they developed the strategy of providing phones on request for the sake of experience to Air Asia and Ola customers. On the launch of OnePlus X, they strategized a campaign which enabled the customers to buy a OnePlus smartphone via the Ola App and they had the product delivered within 15 minutes.

•Celebrity Engagements- Looking at the challenges of the dynamic Indian market, OnePlus collaborated with big shot actors like Sushant Singh Rajput, Amitabh Bachchan, comedian Vir Das and the famous chef Vikas Khanna. They exclusively selected artists from various niche industries was a clever move by OnePlus to capture the consumers to increase its market share. •The attractive hashtag “Never Settle”- With the help of their advertising campaigns they wanted their customers to have a never settling experience.

This hashtag showed that you do not need to spend a huge amount of money to engage people with your product. If you have the best product people would definitely be attracted to your brand.•Word of Mouth- Initially, when OnePlus was all set to launch its very first product OnePlus One, it made use of one of the most common and difficult mode of marketing which is “Word of Mouth” to position its product in the minds of the consumers.

In this technology-driven world where data speaks volumes and social media remains the king of advertising, but the efforts made by OnePlus to generate its popularity by targeting and re-targeting its product to consumers by user-generated reviews was unmatchable.•Screenings of the product in theatres- On the launch of its latest product Oneplus 5, the company had live screenings of this product across theatres in all the metropolitan cities. It provided offers to its fans to purchase tickets worth Rs. 99 on BookMyShow, to get a chance to participate in the big reveal.•Partner Stores: OnePlus set up various partner stores in malls to give a chance to its customers to get a feel of the product before purchasing it. They even partnered with Croma, which allowed its customers to get a first-hand feel of the product.

•Television Advertisements- Oneplus revealed the ad of OnePlus 5 during the most expected India Pakistan cricket match. They spent a huge amount of money in this advertisement but they were certain that they had managed to grab a whole lot of attention to the product.Source: 44767514605Product mapping for price and performance00Product mapping for price and performance904875624839910Battery LifeLenevogoogle pixel2Apple65432103OneplusSamsung4Product mapping for Camera and Battery Life650010Battery LifeLenevogoogle pixel2Apple65432103OneplusSamsung4Product mapping for Camera and Battery Life65


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