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Last updated: September 13, 2019

6}In this paper, for bandwidth enhancement a microstrip line fed printed wide slot antenna with a fractal shaped slot is proposed. Impedance bandwidth of the slotted antenna is improved by selecting the iteration factor and iteration order of the fractal shape properly. For comparison, we take different antennas with different iteration order and iteration factors and observe the bandwidth.8)In this paper, a slotted triangular monopole antenna for ultra high frequency application is designed which exhibits an omni directional radiated pattern and a bandwidth of more than 13% which covers UHF RFID(Radio frequency identification) band. The antenna performance was observed with a UHF RFID reader.

The antenna radiation patterns are measured at 915 MHz. For wide band operation, we use an equilateral triangular monopole antenna.In this paper, a pentagonal shaped gasket Koch (pgk) is introduced. By using this antenna design, a good impedance match is achieved. This antenna can be used as multiband antenna in time domain applications. The antenna is suitable for applications like Bluetooth, WLAN systems and many more. This antenna also has a moderate gain and are suitable for wideband operations.

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IIn this paper, we use a novel fan wing shaped one dimensional fractal pattern antenna. This design achieved huge bandwidth characteristics with average gain of 4 dB. This antenna consists of fractal patch on front side and defected ground structure on bottom side to improve the bandwidth characteristics. The antenna is suitable for high frequency applications like satellite communication and tracking.


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