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Last updated: April 27, 2019

5 Best Books to Read for Kids this Summer Vacation!There are so many surprises in store for the young and old in summers. It is a grand time for school going kids. Long summer holidays and ample time to laze around, playing indoor games with grandparents and siblings is fun.

And the evening summer breezes are pleasant and worth after day’s scorching sun.When I was in school, we were assigned to write 10 essays in English and Hindi on imaginative topics, 5 books to read of good authors in either of the language and a scrap book of social science and science activity. Our holidays passed beautifully with fun filled activities and we completed our assignments with cheers as it was pure fun to complete the assignments because we had liberty to be away from text books but we gained a lot from the allotted assignments.

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When I became Mom, I instilled the habit of reading and writing in my kids. I buy books for them to utilize their holidays in a productive way with fun.This year, I have zeroed in on the following books and the collection has arrived…Ssshh…the kids don’t know about it…it will be a surprise for them.1.

Amazing India: A State by State Guide By Anita VachharajaniAmazing India takes you on a fascinating journey through this large and diverse country. This book is filled with interesting facts, figures and maps and includes 250 hand drawn colorful illustrations.2. I Think, I am! : Teaching Kids The Power Of Affirmations, By Louise HayFun illustrations and simple text demonstrate how to fight with negative thoughts and words to positive thinking.

In this book, the author has tried to illustrate the impact of thoughts on our feelings & behavior. It will transform the lives of kids and the language is understandable and has presented in interesting way to hold the kids attention. The cover of the book is attention gripping.3. Mathematwist: Number Tales From Around the World, By T.V.

PadmaIt is a collection of number tales from different countries. Each story is followed by a simple explanation of the math behind the magic, making the dreaded subject Math, interesting for the kids. 4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone By J.K. RowlingHarry Potter series are interesting for the kids and certainly they will love to delve in the story book.5. Brown Like Dosas, Samosas ; Sticky ChikkiBrown like dosas, samosas ; sticky chikki” is an Indian story book.

Challenging and debunking the discriminatory idea of “fair is beautiful”, this book for kids is valuable for building positive self-esteem as it tells them that thoughts and actions define you and not your skin color. Dr. Seuss has rightly put in”The more you read, the more thing you will know.The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”Inculcating reading habits improves creativity of the child and writing skill and their knowledge expands. The high energy of kids are channelized in aright way and the reading skills helps them to grow interest for the textbooks.Hey, I have got the books for my kids, what about you?Visit online stores or nearby stores and gift books to your children, this summer.


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