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Last updated: February 18, 2019

5. Discussion:
After we computed the total head, the immensity of total head of various separation from delta is different. It implies that this issue impacts the last outcomes and blunder is existed amid this investigation.
1.Cause pipe inward surface can’t frictionless absolutely. When liquid move through the pipe, fluid and pipe will deliver frictional resistance. This frictional opposition will devour the liquid pressure. That is the motivation behind why after liquid course through a specific length pipe, the weight of liquid will decrease.
2.When we check the tallness of the water level on the paper, which was put behind the manometer tubes before it is difficult to keep a similar dimension with water level altogether precise.
1. To take care of the issue of the frictional resistance, we can abbreviate the separation from the inlet. Then, the mistake will be decreased, the last outcomes will turn out to be more precise.
2. To take care of the issue of marking, we can stamp on the manometer tubes and measure the static head when we complete the examination.

6. Conclusion
In conclusion, the velocity of fluid will increase if the fluid is flowing from a wider to narrower tube and the velocity will decrease in the opposite case regardless of the type of flow and the pressure difference. As the velocity for all cases increases the dynamic head values are also seeming to be increased. The velocity is dependent on the diameter of the tube also the pressure depends on the velocity of the flow. Increasing the flow rate leads to increasing the velocity at any point thus will cause the pressure drop. There might be some errors occurred during the experiment. However, the results can be improved if some precautions are taken during the experiment for example the eyes level must be placed parallel to the scale when manometer readings are taken. Besides that, the valve is also needing to be controlled slowly to stabilize the water level in the manometer. As the pressure difference increase, the time taken for 10L water collected increase and the flow rates of the water also increase. Thus, as the velocity of the same channel increase, the total head pressure also increase for both convergent and divergent flow.

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